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Ohhhhh my gooooood...

WHY am I getting so teary-eyed just by listening to FMA music? We still have one and a half weeks until the end for crying out loud!
At this point every song is making me recall a certain scene, and even if it's not sad or angsty, it still brings about an emotional response. Here's a list of the most effective, and why:

-"Kesenai Tsumi" (Unerasable Sin)
This first Ending describes Ed perfectly, it's like an image song. The lyrics are so full of pain, it makes me ache inside. And yet the beat and melody are frighteningly upbeat. It reminds me how I first got hooked on this series- it's all because of Ed. He's just such an amazing character, I love him to pieces. Edo~~~~!

-"Returnable Memories"
Now this one actually is an image song. For some reason I like it a lot better than "Asu he no basho"- it just seems to fit him better, more 'metallic.' That last part with the piano is beautiful. And now that I've had it on repeat for the last few days, the lyrics are also getting to me. I'm tempted to write a transliteration/translation once I have the time. And damn, Paku Romi is a good singer.

The final Opening theme. It sounds so much more sadder than the others, and definetly has a 'this is the end' feel to it. ;_; The only thing I don't like about it is how it's so hard to sing.

-"Bratja" (Brothers)
I've already gushed about this one a couple times before. I swear, if they dare use it in the final episode, I'm going to cry no matter what happens.

-"Kesenai Tsumi ~raw breath track"
If the original was painful, then this notably less-upbeat version with the inclusion of guitars and slower pace makes me want to curl up in a ball and wail.

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