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Mushishi translations

I'm gonna put the translations here so I won't have to move the word files onto my laptop. :O

Page 1:
Where are we going.....?

Page 2-3: will be living from now on
Until you are able to see them,
you cannot leave this place
.....If you want to hate, hate your blood
Curse the darkness
Hate the Mushi
[Path of Thorns (Part One)]

Page 5:
Umm.....this one and
This one....
Here. This is all?
Yeah, that's all.
Your goods are the best as always.
Thank you kindly.
I wanted to ask you about something today

Page 6:
---That in a certain mountain, some abnormality of the Mushi has been found
Could you tell me the details?
The successor of the head family has gone to investigate the matter
This is the Minai family's territory
It's not the business of any other Mushishi
I've been entrusted with this

Page 7:
.....A remote village?
Yeah, there did use to be one a little way from here
No one's living there now

Page 8:
After all, that area has poor soil.....

Page 9:
Now this is strange
Vegetation that was once dead is regaining life again
This is
the first time I've seen such a phenomenon....
What did you come here for?
The Minai are in charge here. Don't intervene.

Page 10:
Even if you are of the eldest sect of Mushishi
I don't think you have the right to monopolize over phenomena
.....That hair
You're the one called Ginko?
I heard of you from Tama-dono who works for the Karibusa family
Apparently you hold sympathy for the Mushi
How unusual
Someone only half-qualified would just be a nuisance
You're the one who's half-qualified

Page 11:
.....What did you say?
Like how you hold interest in only certain kinds of Mushi
Is that why you got uneasy?
I have a notification asking me to observe this investigation
....Tanyuu-dono's hobbies amaze me as well
Does she understand the position that she's in?
She's too easygoing

Page 12:
.....It seems the fourth recorder of the Karibusa family has been born

Page 13:
We are
the descendants of the clan that has served them through the generations.
---A long time ago
At the time of a great natural disaster, an unfamiliar Mushi appeared
Gaining power while the animals and Mushi were about to die away,
it tried to erase all life on earth - the "Forbidden Mushi"

Page 14:
And the one who fought against it was our ancestor
A Mushishi of the Minai
That meant it would have to be contained in a person's body
The one who took on that burden was the ancestor of the Karibusa family
However, it continued to live on in the Karibusa's bloodline
and it is still robbing them of their body's freedom

Page 15:
We must find a way to exterminate that Mushi completely as soon as we can
Otherwise, someday when there comes a natural disaster,
it might come back to life again
However....we still do not know what shape or appearance it takes
Your father and your father's father put their lives on the line to search for it
Kumado, you must also continue that search

Page 16:
But, I
I can't even see the Mushi....
Even Father....says that I'm pathetic.... will be able to see them
If you stay here
Even if you don't want to....
....This place...
is no ordinary cave

Page 17:
It is called the Path of Thorns
It is a path for the Mushi who flow from the earth
It is what connects our world to the Mushi's
You must not go deeper down the path
If you do, you will not be able to return....

Page 18:
The numbers are increasing considerably....
There's even many that I haven't seen before....
Woah, what's that?
I want to collect these real quick
Just do what you want

Page 19:
! This is
--The Path of Thorns.....

Page 20:
Why is it in a place that isn't even a Steam of Light? [Koumyaku vein?]
What do you plan to do?
Go in and investigate
What's wrong?
Did you lose your nerve?
Is there anyone who would want to go in by choice?
In my case
it's like home sweet home

Page 21:
....Huh, is that so
You have my sympathy....

Page 22:
I wonder how long it's been since I came to this place
.....The darkness
is wavering

Page 23:
....There are many things that I can't see
They're always
looking over at me

Page 24:
Are they Mushi....?
--Those are not Mushi
They are illusions created by your mind because you fear the darkness
Your five senses
have not yet opened.
....But, it is soon

Page 25:
the thing that measures your life will disappear
....Thing that
How should I call it
a soul
is how it should be called
Even if.....
that disappears
I can....
still live?

Page 26:
I will
put in something to replace it....
Before long
the illusions stopped appearing.
Even my dreams
were painted over in darkness.

Page 28:
I'm sorry.....
I'm so sorry.....

Page 30:
What is it.....this smell
It's sort of sweet
Sort of bitter.....
You've awakened

Page 31:
Can you recognize me?
....I see

Page 32-33:
Look closely.....
This is the Path of Thorns'....
The world's
true appearance----

Page 34:
....Here it is
If you don't like it, you don't have to come along

Page 35:
He keeps getting on my nerves.....
....He might not get along with you, but
Can I ask this of you?

Page 36:
....You are
the only one I can depend on.
---The Mushishi of the Minai
At times, there are some of them who have something missing
Tama won't tell me clearly
I think that it's because she has been through some very painful experiences
....All for the Mushi that is sealed here

Page 37:
I have....
a bad feeling about this.
Could you give him a hand
so that he won't do anything reckless....?

Page 38:
Can't be helped.....
[Path of Thorns (Part One) End]


Page 1:
[Path of Thorns (Part Two)]

Page 2:
....Miss Tanyuu
This is the one who will succeed the Minai
His name is Kumado

Page 3:
Perhaps because we had no friends close to our age,
Tama frequently called Kumado over to the mansion.
Where did you go this time?
The seaside over in the west.
Do you have a souvenir?
Wow.....there are all sorts of shapes
! this?
So there was some agate mixed in?
....Is it alright for me to have something so beautiful?
Go ahead.
I feel nothing for it.

Page 4:
....Say, Tama
Does Kumado....hate me?
I've never seen him smile even once.
....That is....because he was brought up very strictly, his soul has become frozen.
However, as time passes,
blood should flow through his soul again.
Do not think badly of him....
My, it must have been very tiring to cross that mountain range.

Page 5:
But, the scenery from the mountain peak must have been wonderful.
Not really.
You can only see far into the distance.
I've never even seen what's beyond that hill
If I were to say....that I envy you a little, Kumado
Would you be angry?
....There really isn't anything even if you go beyond that hill

Page 6:
No matter where you go,
your situation will not change.

Page 7:
So you were here after all.'s just as you say
No matter where I's the same.

Page 8:
....It's beautiful.

Page 9:
And yet
Later on, there was a time when I thought that Kumado was someone completely different.
Though his appearance didn't change,
for some reason I couldn't help but think he was someone else.
Are you really Kumado....?
I am me.

Page 12:
....It seems
it hasn't been long since this path was made.
The entrance
is still open
....This place isn't a Koumyaku vein like it would be normally
It must be because there's no guardian to hide the entrance.

Page 13:
So the state of that deserted village is because of this
If the Path of Thorns opens, then the borderline between the Mushi and other creatures would become uncertain.
The "absolute death" appeared from that area
....If that hole were to continue widening like this,
the balance of nature will completely fall apart---

Page 14:
....A natural disaster, hm?
What are you going to do?
There is only one thing for us to do
This might be an omen that the Forbidden Mushi will appear
It wouldn't be strange if that were already occuring deeper down this path
In that case, we must hold it back here

Page 15:
Closing that hole should come first instead
We should cut off the effect as soon as we can, help me
As long as a natural disaster doesn't occur, the Forbidden Mushi won't appear
We need to seal this place first!
For this clan's mission,
I've thrown everything away
With not one lead, all for a phantom Mushi that won't even show itself

Page 16:
So rather, I'd like for it to appear
Something enormous is coming......

Page 17:
Do you think you can do anything by yourself!
This is absurd. Does he want to die?
....The hole has gotten wider than before

Page 18:
The Mushi disappeared

Page 19:
Mushi corpses.....
No, they're still alive
This condition is.....

Page 22:
....You guys
What are you swarming like this for?
No matter how much you search,
What you want isn't in me anymore
I already gave it to you
a long time ago.....

Page 23:
!! You're okay

Page 24:
Your soul will be taken away!!

Page 25:
......It's cold....
It feels like
a cold wind is billowing inside my body
Where am I?
This place....

Page 26:
Is that
.....The moon again......
It sunk only just a while ago....

Page 27:
....You idiot
Why did you follow me.....

Page 29:
The forest.....opened up
This place is.....

Page 30:
This is
from long before I knew her....
....It's beautiful

Page 31:
is this thing....

Page 32:
His soul is gone
So I was.....saved
....Just what
is that---

Page 33:
You went to a lot of trouble, Ginko
I will give you my thanks later
But for now, please leave the room for a moment
....It seems the Mushishi of the Minai
have gotten their hands on something terrible

Page 34:
That was
an artificial Mushi created from Kouki
You put that thing in as a substitute for the soul,
make it pursue the Mushi,
and if it escapes, you put it in again....
So you have
your family repeating such a thing
......There are paths
that cannot be walked without using such methods

Page 35:
Something that has lost its soul and yet still moves around in this world

Page 36:
Just "what" is that
Just "who"
is that

Page 37:
......I'll say my thanks
If you weren't there, I would have lost my soul too

Page 38:
......I just hate that Sanekui Mushi, that's all
I made you wait

Page 39:
......Then, the hole of that Path of Thorns was calmed down?
Well, I did some emergency repairs
......That was something the Mushi made to escape from the overpopulation of Sanekui Mushi
Like a bypath
We think that once the Sanekui Mushi return to normal, it should close sooner or later
Sanekui Mushi.....
A Mushi that lives in the Path of Thorns and eats souls

Page 40:
Can you think of any reason for the overpopulation?
For that.....not yet
Only that it's a disaster of the Mushi
that occurs frequently in the past ten or so years
Do you think that it's a bad omen?
I cannot say

Page 41:
I've learned nothing about the Forbidden Mushi
There's no need to be impatient
As for me
I am prepared to be wed to this Mushi for my entire life
......Say, Kumado
Even if......our situations do not change

Page 42:
We are not alone
You are not alone

Page 43:
Does it taste good?
.....No idea
Here, yours too
Of course it's good
This is what is called good
......You're trying too hard
Would you be quiet

Page 44:
And is this......good?
You really have a poor man's taste
......How rude. It's only a matter of preferences

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