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I'm such a dork

I've been having trouble concentrating at school because I can't stop thinking about FMA. Maybe the fact that there's only two more episodes left has finally dawned on me, and I'm going into panic!obsessive mode.
I even wrote a short crack!fic yesterday. I'm so mean to Ed.
And after staring at my calendar far longer than needed, I've decided that the first weekend of October is my official Full Metal Weekend. Final episode on Saturday, and Sunday is October 3rd. You know, "Don't forget 3.Oct.10" and all...
I'm going to try and finish everything school related beforehand so I can bawl my eyes out as much as I wish. I hear the ending is going to be sad and unexpected. *gulp*
In other news, this is my new favorite picture. It's from the latest episode. Ed is so cool. I'm really loving his new look! <3

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