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44/44 DONE

Page 1
Please illuminate the path of hope-----.
Chapter 62: Beyond the Dream

Page 2
Ed, who has learned everything about Ishbal.
This is...
everything that I know about Ishbal.

Page 3
....I get the Colonel's goal of becoming Fuhrer
But...even if he becomes the top of the military, as long as this country is a military state
you wouldn't know when another rebellion or a clash with another country will occur!
Even if you protect this country, you'll end up killing masses of people from the other country!
You're right.
Let's say we take the parliament that is now a puppet for the military and return it to it's appropriate form as a democracy...
We can hold a conference with the other countries and slowly reduce our armaments and search for a path of survival... ...maybe that's what we should do.
Reducing the armaments would also include aboloshing the State Alchemist institution
Makes sense

Page 4
No, wait!
That means.....
A hero in violent times will become only a mass murderer when placed in a peaceful world.
Not only the Colonel, but Doctor Knox who was doing human experiments, and many others...
Probably I will be tried as part of the injustice at Ishbal as well
Being a soldier...
Just this one uniform is protecting us now
So the Colonel realizes this but he's still aiming for the top?
Isn't that the path to suicide?!

Page 5
He said to "protect those below you" so....
Because it's him, no matter what hand he plays, those of us under him will probably be allowed to live in the end.
the origin of that rebellion is that Envy shot and killed that Ishbalan child
The ones pulling the strings from behind were the homunculi!
That the Colonel or the Lieutenant would be judged is...
Even if the homunculi were the cause, we were the ones who put it into action.
Me and the Colonel...
Perhaps even Brigadier General Hughes was thinking it as well
"We ended the lives of many people without their consent.
There is no way we can go die at the time we want to".....

Page 6
That's why at the very least, we'd like the generation after us to smile and live happily.
...What is that...
That's not fair....
That's just wrong!
Of course you'd want everyone else to be happy, but don't you want to be happy yourselves?!
Promise me that you won't put a hand on my little brother
Self-sacrifice is just mere self-satisfaction!!
I won't forgive you for choosing death!!
Stupid brother!!

Page 7
It's not self-sacrifice
It's our distinction for being survivors of Ishbal
You have something similar, Edward-kun
The way you put yourself second until you're able to return Alphonse-kun to his normal body
There's something you have to do before worrying about us, right?
You and Alphonse-kun have to return to your normal bodies.
I'm sure there are many people waiting for the day that you do.

Page 8
If there's any new information, I'll let you know.
It's so ironic, isn't it?
I'm not knowledgable in alchemy but I've been stationed at the place closest to the homunculi and the Philosopher's Stone.....
Isn't it like being taken hostage? Will you be okay?
If I think positively
Being the Fuhrer's aid means that I can catch him off guard if there's a chance
Ah...oh yeah, a message for the Colonel. Tell him that Scar is still prowling around.
Got it.

Page 9
What is it?
Thank you for telling me about Ishbal.
Really, it's nothing but horrible things at Ishbal

Page 10
There was also a time that I worked together with that bastard Mustang
He burned the Ishbalans and I did the autopsy
Displaying false names like "For the progress of mankind", I did everything
Nothing but corpses...corpses...corpses.....only the company of corpses. I thought that I didn't have the capacity to heal people as a doctor anymore.
That's why after the rebellion, I became a medical examiner.
The old folks' story is over.
You kids should go to sleep.

Page 11
Ran Fan, you're there too, aren't you?
Don't fight.
This old man doesn't want to see children killing each other.

Page 12
Doctor Knox, it's late so I'll go back to the hotel.
Sure. Be careful in case someone's following you.
I'll come again tomorrow.
Um....Mr. Armor....
I still haven't said my thanks.
Thank you very much for helping me.
It's Alphonse.
Alphonse Elric.
There was Edward Elric, right? The small alchemist.
I'm his little brother.

Page 13
You were inside this armor so I'm sure you know, but
For various reasons, I don't have a body. Could you please keep this a secret from other people?
Your body......what happened to it? was taken away to this place. Right now we're on a journey to get it back.
If he's the younger brother of that, then I wonder if he looks just like it...?
How rude!!
Of course I'm way taller than Brother!!
Your facial features?
It's not all intense like that!! I have a very gentle face!!
How is your hair?
Crisp and fresh, short golden hair!! I'm better at fighting than Brother too!! But I'm not short-tempered, I'm a gentleman!! [oh Al, it's all your fault for describing yourself this way. XDDD]
Tall height Short golden hair Strong and gentle Gentleman

Page 14
I hope you return to your body soon!!
? Yeah, thanks.
Return to my body soon...huh?
Why am I killing people even though I'm a doctor?

Page 15
(We only studied alchemy to see Mother's happy face)
(Why did it turn out this way?)
(If Mother saw us now, she'll probably be mad...)
Brother! What is it?
I was thinking of going over to Dr. Knox's place. Good thing we didn't miss each other!
I'm feeling a little down after hearing about Ishbal...
Yeah, me too.

Page 16
Not hiding or glossing over anything for us kids
They told us everything
"Alchemists are those who pursue truth"...
Even though we talk big like that, we only know very little
The Colonel's even seen beyond where he reaches his goal
Beyond reaching the goal.....huh...
What do you want to do after returning to your body? Like any dreams for the future
That's right.....
....If I tell you, you won't laugh?
I won't laugh.
What is it?

Page 17
I want to eat apple pie.
What's with that, you said you wouldn't laugh!!
No...what is it with that girly dream?!
Heee! A woman? Al-chan?
She promised me!! Winry said she'll bake me apple pie!!
No, sorry, sorry. That's right, yeah. Her apple pie is good enough to kill!
What about you, Brother! After you get your normal body back!

Page 18
My head's been so full with the goal of getting our bodies back...
For the time being, I guess going around to Teacher's place or Resembool to say "We're back"?
Ah, I see.
We are indebted to them many times over.
...They'll all welcome us with smiles, won't they?
---Yeah. Though Teacher will probably hit us.
We'll be able to see...everyone's smiles, right?
Before, I said that I wanted to see your smiling face
But I want to see everyone's smiling faces, not just your's

Page 19
Our circumstances are harsh, but now that I'm thinking of the future, I'm starting to cheer up
About those harsh circumstances
There's a ray of hope
Remember when our alchemy wouldn't work underneath Central?
It seems that alchemists on the ground couldn't use it at that time either
! That girl and Scar!!
That's right. Only they were able to use it, right?
There's something about the alchemy that they're using.
Something that we don't know...
That bean girl is at Doctor Knox's place, isn't she?
I'll cross-examine her tomorrow!

Page 20
We're not at the end yet....!!

Page 21
...So we Ishbalans
were killed by a Philosopher's Stone that used the lives of our own people?
You made our fellow countrymen kill their own families?!!

Page 22
Don't think I'll let you die easily...!!
I know...
There is nothing I can do to atone...

Page 23
Tell me more about the alchemist named Kimbley
There was a portion of my brother's research notes that I couldn't decipher
Before he died, my brother said, "There is something strange about this country's alchemy."
I think that perhaps the research on that is written there
You are an able alchemist
Can you decode it?
This country's alchemy is strange...?

Page 24
...I'll give it a try.
Good. I'll let you out of here.
No, I thought I told you that it wouldn't be good for me to leave!
You just have to be killed by me, is that right?
Take off your clothes.
It's your break...

Page 25
.....That bastard!!
It's Scar!! Shit!! Did he know that Marcoh was involved in the annihilation campaign?!!
(There's one chimera missing)

Page 26
(Marcoh is an alchemist who specializes in the research of living organisms...)
Won't they find out and chase after us?
If you don't want to be chased, walk quickly.

Page 27
Where are we going?
If I walk around the city looking like this, I'll stand out instead
Don't worry
We're all much the same
What did you say?!
That bean girl left?!
Yeah, early this morning.

Page 28
I am indebted to you, Mr. Knox
I will not forget your kindness in helping me
What, you're leaving? You should still be resting
I cannot remain indebted to you forever, so... And I am worried for the safety of my companion.
He is a person called Scar-san with an X scar on his forehead. [Hmm...we've had her call him "Scar-san" previously, but this time I've been converting her "-san"s to "Mr."...should we have it as "Mr. Scar" instead?]'re with that serial killer?!
Eh? He's a good person?
Don't go!! You'll get caught up in it!!
It is okay, I will go.

Page 29
If I stay here, we might end up fighting
....I agree.
And?! Where did the bean girl say she'd go?!
Judging from the time, I'd say she hasn't left the city yet
Damn her, wandering around like that~~~~~
Brother, what should we do?
We'll search for her
Ehh?! How, in this big Central city?!

Page 30
*whisper whisper whisper*
No showy behavior! The Fuhrer's got an eye on us!
Ughh that's right!! Just like you, Al!! So cool-headed!!
Huhum!! I'm always cool! I have to make sure you're calm and don't stand out!
Mama~ a big armor~
My, it sure stands out
Master! That little girl is back!
I am back
Mr. Scar, you were okay...
Do we have another companion?
He is not a companion!

Page 31
To me, he is equivalent to an enemy.
I am a doctor known as Marcoh.
Mr. Marcoh?
Heard that somewhere...
Ah! Are you the doctor who was in Mr. Knox's story?!
You know about Dr. Knox?
I heard the story about Ishbal. You were a medical officer...
What a laugh, to be called a doctor

Page 32
He's the man who created the Philosopher's Stone and participated in the annihilation of Ishbal
The Philosopher's mean that legendary one?
Mr. Marcoh, you know the way to create the Stone?! How?!
Where is it?!, that's...
Do not seek for such a thing
Do not want it
...And? Why did you bring along someone who's equivalent to an enemy, master?

Page 33
Because he can be used
Mr. Scar?!

Page 34
I only destroyed the surface of your face
Girl, please stop his bleeding.
You only have to stop the blood.
It would be more convenient if his face is deteriorated to the point where you can't tell that it's Marcoh
Because we'll be moving now
Eh? To where?
To the place where I hid the research notes that I recieved from my brother--
---The north.

Page 35
.....What are these
A present
Couldn't you get me something like...a magazine with lots of pretty ladies on it?
Shut up. Don't slack off while we're away.
Are you going already?
Keep a steady eye on the place

Page 36
Here, Hayate-gou
Eat well and grow to be big and strong.
And protect everyone.
Sergeant Major Fuery
Warrant Officer Falman
You still haven't departed?
I went to return something I borrowed to the Colonel
Borrowed something?
A chess board.
You know, the one I borrowed to kill time during the 66 incident.
Ahhh man...

Page 37
It was a short employment in Central...
The northern headquarters will probably be cold...
Later, Sergeant Major Fuery
Let's meet again
You too, Hayate-gou

Page 38
*knock knock*
Excuse me, Colonel.
I came to get something I forgot.
...It seems Scar is still prowling around.
Edward-kun told me.
Scar, huh?
I'll have to be careful when I walk outside.

Page 39
After all, my well-armed guard will be gone.
That's right.
Please don't die.
I've put you through trouble.
I might have made a mistake in who to follow.
If you think you made a mistake, shoot and kill me.
It's the promise we made on that day.
You're still at my tolerance level.
Hahahah, you're kind, First Lieutenant Hawkeye.
Well, Colonel.

Page 40
Please don't slack off on your work.
I'm doing it properly.
So it was this spacious...

Page 41
My Pawn, my Knight
My Rook, my Bishop
and my Queen were taken away.
It's still early....
for a checkmate

Page 42
Roy-saaan <3 It's been so long~~~~ <3 [Okay, so now I'm really getting inconsistent with the -san's XD; ]
You seem lively, Vanessa
Oh, it's the Colonel!
Long time no see, little Roy
Good evening, Madame Christmas
Are you doing well?
Nahhh, I'm not doing well at all
I came here to cheer myself up
Shouldn't you just go out with Elizabeth-chan?
Elizabeth-chan was taken by another man~
Oh! Then do I have a chance now?
Hahahah, not just a chance, I'd go on a date with you anytime

Page 43
...What will you have to drink?
I'm still recovering, so no alcohol
I'll order a special one, Madame
Yes, yes
Please wait a minute

Page 44
It's a call from a woman, Lieutenant General Grumman
Lucy? Marie? Kuinee? Nelly?
It's a woman from a bar named Madame Christmas in Central
Jeez, sir, would you please not tell common people about this top secret line?
Hahahah they haven't thrown me out yet, have they?
They still want to choose this withered old man *smile*
This! We're looking for a small girl with a cat like this!!
Excuse me, please ignore that alien over there
This one is accurate
The guidepost leading to hope is starting to appear! Look toward the light and move forward!!

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  • My tweets

    Sun, 18:05: Just finished watching Sennen Makyo episode 3. AHHHHHHH FLASHBACK ARC STARTS NEXT EPISODE. AHHHHHHH I AM SO EXCITE. *__________*…

  • In which I squee over souvenirs

    Mom's back from Japan! And I was able to drive her to the airport and pick her up by myself without any problems! It's my first time doing that, so…

  • My tweets

    Sun, 04:14: Holy shit, the Nuramago manga is getting pretty intense. D: Poor Rikuo... Sun, 05:13: Wow, Travis Willingham is doing an…