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in this small moment of time, life is good

Omg what a beautiful day!!!
We have all the windows open and I can breath in all this cool, fresh air and the sky is so blue and I can hear the insects chirping outside and squeeeeeeeeee!
Today's my mom's birthday, so I made honey scones for breakfast (we ate them with tea) and did a heck of a lot of chores. That made her happy. ^_^ She couldn't come up with anything she wanted, so I guess that's good enough.
Stayed up late last night writing an exhausting summary for episode 49 of FMA. Like, I translated nearly every line of dialogue. I've gone nuts. But still, it helped me absorb the facts more, and since the episode is so WTF, that was pretty helpful. And everyone seems to appreciate the effort.
Saw episode 26 of Wolf's Rain last night. I believe this was the last episode of the TV series. Man, no wonder so many people were disappointed. That is quite a sucky ending. I hope FMA doesn't turn out like that. But since Adult Swim will be showing the OVA's as well, it doesn't feel that final to me.
About the actual episode: Man, Hige is so awesome. So is Darcia. Hubb actually did something useful. The scene with Blue and Quent made my heart ache. But they cut off "Tell Me What the Rain Knows"!!!
And finally, an opinion on the Wolf's Rain dub: Perfection. When I'm watching it, I can hardly tell the difference. Everyone is so in character. This goes on my favorites list right next to Cowboy Bebop and Kino's Journey.

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