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More manga rambling

...Dammit, I'm falling asleep. T__T Kitchen still isn't clean, translation isn't finished (not surprised about that though)...

-Kimbley is so psycho, I love it. He's like a crazy maestro with an orchestra of death and destruction. Wtf with his eyes, they're crazy. For some reason my theme song for him is "Whistle While You Work."

-I'm a bit disappointed we don't see much detail about the Rockbells' death. Did Scar stab them? He did grab a knife. Chapter 41 made it seem like he killed them with his arm, but here clearly he is too FREAKED OUT by the fact that he has the arm to know what to do with it. And the Rockbells' bodies look very...intact. So yeah, the knife. D: Well, one more thing to write for my 20_philosophies claim.

-What did Scar do in the four years between the end of the civil war and when he started State Alchemist hunting? Other than heal from his wounds and get himself some new clothes. Maybe he read up on his brother's research so he could learn how to use the arm to its full killing potential. He doesn't seem to have the research notes with him anymore, though that could be because he lost all of his possessions after his fight with Gluttony?

-Speaking of which, SCAR YOU IDIOT. Your brother wouldn't be happy with what you've been doing with your life after he saved you. I sure hope you take down a homunculus with that arm at least because otherwise, his research IS a waste.

-I'm curious to know whether Kimbley still has that Stone inside him. Does it work like a battery? Would it not get digested? Is it just sitting in his stomach the whole time? ...I would really like for him to break out of prison sometime.

-I edited my Ishbal Events List from last month. Now I realize that we never got to see how Roy and Knox knew each other in the war...hmmm...

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