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Chap. 61 Translation

FINISHED! (Mostly.)

Page 46/46 complete.

Page 1
Ahh, what a nice sound... Truly, a nice sound that resonates throughout the depths of the body.
My spinal cord dances in sadness and my eardrums tremble in delight.
And the joy of being able to feel that on this earth where it is always partnered with death...
What a fulfilling job!!
With that demonic red stone, an alchemist surpasses humanity!!

Page 2
Chapter 61: The Hero of Ishbal

Page 3
All this with one shot!
That's Major Kimbley for you!

Page 4
Just look at all those Ishbalans!! All that...
Not very beautiful...
It's a job, so make it beautiful! Make it perfect!!
Accompanied by screaming, be merciless and overwhelming!!!
Now, let's go to the next.
Please wait, Major~

Page 5
Please pay attention
Isn't it your job to protect me? jacket got dirty

Page 6

Page 7
What are you doing?! Shoot, shoot!!
Stupid!! It'll hit our comra...OGEGH!!! *sound of breaking bones*
You were okay!
Yeah, nothing serious. Luckily we were just getting ready to escape.
The attacks from the west are intense. Let's run to east.
Everyone's rushing to the east. Don't you think we'll appear as a target?

Page 8
It seems a State Alchemist is here!
What a bother! If it were only ten or twenty regular soldiers, I could do something about it....!!
Should we split up to escape? If we stay bunched up, there's a possibility we'll all get killed together
Not me. To think I'll become separated from my family!!
This. You hold onto it.
What is this?
It's my research notes.
I was only able to take this with me.
Take it and run away.
Wait a minute...
If something were to happen to me, my research would go to waste.
You should just take it and run yourself!!
You're a magnificent warrior priest who underwent strict training

Page 9
Isn't it more probable for you to survive than me? soon as I'm thrown into a battle, my legs won't stop shaking. What a pitiful excuse for an older brother.

Page 10
A soldier!!
A transmutation circle...
A State Alchemist?!

Page 11

Page 12
greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEAAAAT SOUND!!! [It sounds so much better in Japanese. D: ...I love his crazy eyes.]

Page 13
Ghugh there......
Don't die.....
Your arm.....
Damn.....the blood won't stop...
He's going to die...

Page 14
The arm...
Where's my little brother's arm...
You can't die

Page 15
No!! I'll fight!! I'll show them the pride of Ishbal!!
Run away!! We didn't treat you just to let you die!!
If you don't hurry, all the escape routes will be completely gone!!
What are you going to do, doctor?!

Page 16
How you protected me...please don't die...
Anyone who can escape by themselves, hurry and run!!
You should escape too, doctor
...What is this place?
Don't move! Your wounds will open!
...Ahh, it's Brother's arm...thank goodness...Brother was saved...

Page 17
There aren't any! We ran out with the last patient...

Page 18
A State Alchemist......
You bastards.....

Page 19
*panting noises*

Page 20

Page 21
But really...
This place is a hospital in name only
They're equally lacking in medicine and equipment
Major Kimbley
They seem to be the rumored doctor couple
They were already dead by the time we came here
An Ishbalan might have done it
Really, they caused us all this trouble and in the end it's this.
What were they thinking, saving those Ishbalans!

Page 22
To fight and defeat the enemy is the duty of you soldiers.
To save peoples' lives is the duty of a doctor.
These people stuck to their duty.
I like people who stick to their purpose.
What a shame.
I wanted to see their faces while they were still alive.

Page 23
Major Mustang.
This is the last one.
You are the last one.
Is there anything you want to say?

Page 24
I curse you.
-----Roger, HQ.

Page 25
The final Dariha area has fallen.
All areas of Ishbal are fully in the control of the national military.
It's over...?
[Word bubble that I'll get to later~]
It's over?!
What the...there's not even a trailing note!!
Can we go home right away?!
How should I know! [The rest I'll get to later~]
What should I get my mom for a souvenir?!
Who cares!!
I can finally go home...

Page 26
Major Mustang.
How about a drink?
What are your names?
It's Charlie
I'm called Alessandra
It's Deeno. I'm the youngest out of everyone.
Over here is Alberto.
Hey! We're short on alcohol! [STRAY DOG BEER!]
What party are you from?
Look! He doesn't know about us after all!
Your party, Major. Though we're at the tail end so it can't be helped that you don't know.

Page 27
Yeah, this guy just came in recently as a replacement soldier, so of course you wouldn't know him.
That's many died...
How pathetic. Even though I've fought so long, I don't remember the names of the comrades who supported me very well.
I don't remember most names of the subordinates who died, either.
Let alone anything about the Ishbalans who fell at my hands...!!
Even when you were suffering, you didn't run and leave us behind.
With those powerful flames, you always cut across the battlefield and into the enemy, and didn't let us underlings die in vain.

Page 28
The way that your incredible fire power mowed down the enemy was....."reliable." No other word can describe it.
Because the Flame Alchemist was there, we didn't die.
To us, you are a hero.
Please don't make that sort of face.
Thanks to you, this many soldiers survived.
We're grateful, Major.
You too...
Thank you for surviving.
Okaaaaay let's go hooooome!!
Our beloved families are waiting!!

Page 29
With this battle, my young ideals were shattered.
Even if I said I'd protect this country, in reality it was everything I could do just to protect a mere handful of people.
"I was able to protect this many soldiers"?
I was able to protect only this many, fool that I am!

Page 30
I'm pissed off at my foolish self!!
Don't be so worried about it, Roy. The strength of a human is limited.
Aren't we humans just like trash?
Yeah, that's right. I realized it with this battle.
But trash has its own pride as trash.
The strength of one person is limited.
In that case, I'll protect all I can...even if it's just a few...I'll protect what's important...
In turn, the people below me will protect those below them. For a small human, at least that should be possible.
What, geometric progression? That's a child's calculation! An idealistic argument!
I don't care if I'm called green!

Page 31
You may call it idealist or simple, but when that is accomplished, it would become nothing more than "something that is possible."
Talk about your ideals, Hughes. Just like when we were in the military academy.
If we become unable to talk about our ideals, the evolution of humans will come to an end.
(haha) ...Your way of thinking has changed, but your roots are still green!
So....which means
If you're going to protect the entire country, you'd need to be at the very top of that progression.

Page 32
It would certainly feel good up there, Hughes.
But I can't climb up all the way with only my own power. I'm confident about that.
What are you being so haughty for!
Sounds interesting. I'll take a shot at it.
I want to see how your green ideals would change the country that was built up by that King Bradley, who doesn't even fear God.

Page 33
(There's a man in this hustle and bustle who isn't drunk with victory.)
(He's looking at me... No.....he's already looking past me.)
(The Flame Alchemist!!)

Page 34
The main battle is finished. What's left is hunting for the survivors, but we don't need to borrow your power for a thing like that.
We appreciate your efforts, Major Kimbley.
How was the Philosopher's Stone?
One word: Wonderful.
I was able to ignore equivalent exchange and perform transmutations beyond my expectations.
Hm, of course!
I'll have your military gains for this time reported to Central.
Now, give us back the Stone.
This must be kept securely stored away.

Page 35
What have you done, Kimbley?!
Out!! Spit it out right now!! What are you thinking?!
Now, with this---
You are the only ones who know that I have the Philosopher's Stone.
Why you.....!!!

Page 36
What the?!

Page 37
*whistle* Nice going, Crimson.

Page 38
Aren't you going back?
You'll be left behind.
Is it a comrade?
An Ishbalan child.....
He was shot and left on the roadside alone.
...Let's go back. The war is over.
The battle of Ishbal isn't over inside me yet. will probably never end.
I was the one who believed in you and entrusted my father's research to you.
I was also the one who chose to go into the military academy wishing for the happiness of the people.
Even if that had undesired results, I cannot run from the facts.

Page 39
To deny, atone, or beg for forgiveness is the arrogance of those who did the killing.
I have a favor to ask you, Mr. Mustang.
Please burn and crush my back.
What are you...
There's no way I can...
At least!!
If I can't atone, then at least so that it can't give birth to a new Flame Alchemist
So that the secrets on this back can't be used

Page 40
And so I can lay down the bonds to my father and alchemy, to become Riza Hawkeye as an individual.
How much would I have to burn to kill...or if it would hinder your lifestyle
The depth and range of burns has become within my power.
How ironic. I've gotten too used to burning people in this battle.

Page 41
Well, you could say my hobby became my job...
Thank you for the promotion.
Kain Fuery.
Gifted with communications technology.
Very helpful towards those of lower rank.

Vato Falman.
Walking Data Bank.
With a memory so sharp it's scary, can extract every bit of information from an investigation.

It is an honor!!

Huh, thanks.
Heymans Breda.
Graduated from the military academy at the top of his class.
Despite his insincere-looking appearance and behavior, he is an intellectual and cares for his comrades.

Jean Havoc
Though slow-minded, he makes up for it with skill and strength.
Takes lead of his subordinates and is a hard-working man.

I'm from the eastern countryside, so the rebellion was close.
I went into the military academy because I wanted to help out myself, but I'm not smart so it was pretty tough.


Page 42
Riza Hawkeye.
So you went through all that in Ishbal, but in the end you chose this path.
I chose it myself, and put my hands through the sleeves of the uniform with my own will.
......What's your field of expertise?
A gun is good.
Unlike a sword or a knife, it doesn't leave the feeling of a person dying on your hands.

Page 43
That's deceit.
So you plan on deceiving yourself like that and continue soiling your hands?
That's right.
We soldiers should be the only ones soiling our hands and spilling blood.
It should be enough for only us to go through something like Ishbal.
As alchemists say, if the truth of this world can be shown through equivalent exchange
So that the new generation that will be born can enjoy happiness
To pay the cost, we will have to shoulder corpses and cross a river of blood

Page 44
I'm thinking of recommending you as my aide.
I want you to protect my back
Do you understand? To entrust my back to you means that you can shoot me from behind anytime.
If I step off of the path, shoot and kill me with those hands.
You are qualified to do that.

Page 45
Will you follow me?
If that is your wish, then even into hell.
I am a powerless human.
Because of that, I need your help in order to protect everything.
I will protect your lives. And you will protect only whom you can...even if it's only a few, protect those below you.
And those below you would also protect those below them.
No matter what happens, live, continue to survive greedily.
Live, and let's change this country together.

Page 46
My family
My friends
Even the land of my God...
Everything to protect is gone...
.....But what is this strength that moves my feet forward?
.....It's revenge!!!
This one body, only for revenge...
I will survive!!
Next issue, new developments!!

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    Fri, 13:34: Watching the new episode of Dynazenon…why are the subs translating ミイラ as “mirror”? O_o It means “mummy.” I mean, that’s even…

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