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The world is a wasteland, and we are the only ones left alive...

If you're a die-hard downright-insane Kino's Journey fan like me, you might recognize this as the tower thing from episode 9 of the anime. You know, the weird "live inside your favorite book, Kino" scene that still puzzles me and oh how I love it so.
I'd planned a whole AU story about that, but alas, haven't written anything yet. But I will tell you that it involved an end of the world scenario, and familiar characters in not so familiar guises (Hermes as Kino's little brother, for instance ^^). It would be fun to work on, but first I must concentrate on the Haibane Renmei crossover and OH YEAH MY ORIGINAL FICTION HAHAHA.
Another comment on Land of Books: I read the corresponding story in the novel, and it was nearly completely different from the anime version. Which kinda disappointed me, because I would have loved to read the line "what if you are actually characters in a book?" XD
So I guess episode 9 is more of an original anime episode, which isn't all that surprising now that I think about it. Being a writer, I really enjoyed it ("normal people don't become writers"), but it still felt off in a way...

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