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Pokemon Journey Across America


A level 70 Celebi on my Fire Red game.

Also, a level 70 Absol, Blaziken, Suicune, and Umbreon.

HURRAH! Of course, since I'm still in Vermillion City, they haven't been entered into my Pokedex yet. XD; I'm a bit disappointed that there were no Mudkip downloads. D: I don't understand why PIKACHU had to be included in the Top 20 Pokemon downloads. What a waste of space! You could just go catch one in the Viridian Forest! A Pichu would be even better! They could have used that space for Mew. Dx

...Also, I got a Trainer's Certificate. XD;; It says "This is to certify that (insert name here) is an official Pokemon Trainer as of their 10th birthday." ...So I've been a trainer for 9 years now, it seems. I feel so old. .__.;

It was great seeing so many Pokemon fans in one place, though. There was a LOT of people. It seemed like everyone had a gameboy (many had at least three). It was also amusing seeing the non-Pokemaniac people's reactions in the mall, too. "What's this line for??" "What is that? A game? What's going on?" Seeing old ladies gathering around to watch a Pokemon game tournament seriously makes my day.

EDIT: While waiting in the (looong) line for the Top 20 downloads, the webmaster of this site was standing behind me. He came all the way from Pittsburgh and seemed younger than me.
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