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random observation

Hee hee. I was rewatching the first two episodes of Full Metal Alchemist today, and found myself counting the days Ed and Al were spending in the city of Lior. Ever since I started watching Kino's Journey, I got into the habit of thinking things like "Okay, so this is Day 2" during episodes.
And it turns out...Ed and Al stayed in Lior for exactly 3 days. Amazing how much trouble they got into in such a short amount of time. They tore apart the whole city's belief system, killed two chimeras, caused thousands of cenz worth of property damage, and started what would soon become a bloody civil war (though the Sins and the military contributed to that as well).
Now imagine how things would have turned out if Kino were in their position. She would drive around with Hermes, take a gander at the fountain of wine, listen to the radio broadcast a little, have a quick chat with Rose, watch Cornello cast his "miracles," eat lots of good Lior cuisine, take a shower, sleep in a comfy bed, practice drawing her guns, have a philisophical discussion with Hermes, then leave. I repeat: THEN LEAVE.
Now I understand what someone meant when they said that Kino likes to run away from the plot. ^_^

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