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Re: Pirates of the Caribbean 2

OMG SO MUCH FUN. I am not at all disappointed, it had everything I liked about the first movie, but they managed to make it BETTER. XD There was so much going on that I need to see it again (which was also my reaction to the first movie). But I also want to see it again because it's been such a long time since I had so much fun watching a movie in the theater.

In fact, the only thing I'm not satisfied with is the ending. Without spoiling anything, I'll simply say that the SEQUEL NEEDS TO BE OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. ARRRGGGHHHH. I was sitting there for like two minutes sputtering "What? WHAT?! THAT'S THE END?!" and feeling very confused. XD

NORRINGTON OMG. I like him so much more now as a filthy raving drunk. XD

I love the scene on the island where Jack, Will, and Norrington were all fighting and Elizabeth is yelling at them, "THIS IS MADNESS!" XD And getting all pouty when none of the guys would pay attention to her. XD

And when they were fighting on the wheel!! That was so priceless.

And the escape from the island with the cannibals. XDD I love how the action scenes have me laughing and gasping constantly.

And Will's father! That was a really nice touch.

I'm uh....not quite thrilled by the Jack/Elizabeth stuff. William isn't very interesting compared to the other characters (personally, I think Will would be less boring if he had a different actor), but I felt so sorry for him. I can't blame Elizabeth for being curious because come on, it's JACK SPARROW, and it's the good guy VS bad guy thing, but poor, poor Will. The writers have been picking on him all the time, which I find amusing (because his character type is very cliche and one of the things I like best about these movies are that they never take themselves too seriously), but in this movie I felt sorry for him. Lose his father, lose the girl he loves...dammit he needs to get something back after all he's gone through!

He also gets knocked unconscious far too often. XD;

But! The good thing about it all is that it spiced up the Will/Elizabeth pairing, amazingly. I am very interested in seeing how (if?) they patch things up. Of course, I don't see Will being angry or accusing of Elizabeth (he's more the type to get depressed but still support and love her no matter what happens). So it all depends on Elizabeth.

Oh, the ANGST. She doesn't know Will saw her with Jack, and even if she confesses it to him she'd also have to confess that she....she basically KILLED Jack. And again, I can't see Will stop loving her over that, but there is potential for SO MUCH ANGST. It's like in the first movie, it was about them discovering their love for each other, and now it's all about whether their love can last after all this. How unexpectedly exciting.

And um....Elizabeth's father looks surprisingly handsome without his wig. O.o

EDIT: Speaking of sequels, Elizabeth reminds me of the female protagonist from the Mummy movies (whose name I have momentarily forgotten, oops). They're both the damsel in distress in the first movie, but in the sequel their boyfriend has taught them how to KICK ASS, which they do. Very well. Except...the Rachel Weisz character is by then happily married with a son, while not. At all. ^^;
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