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I haven't been updating much, so...

I wasn't able to post more Avatar episodes last night because we came home late and the internet was acting stupid. It sucks only having about five hours of free time a I can better understand how my mom feels. :/

Today I've been feeling especially crappy because I forgot the password to this website, and my supervisor had gone home early for vacation, thus I wasn't able to do much work and spent two hours waiting for her to reply to an email (she never did). After which I spent another hour waiting for my mom to finish her work, after which we spent another hour commuting home. So yeah...crappy day. Boring first week consisting of making reference manuals. But hey, I'm getting paid on Monday, and despite my screw-up today, I've been working pretty hard this week, to the point that Corine was running out of things to have me do (everyone at the IT department is so...laid back O_o).

As for good news, Kirsten is back and so is the ZOMGFTA site! Thank god for the weekend!

And randomly, does anyone have the song "Chameleon Boy" by Blue October? I first downloaded a preview clip for it hoping I might be able to use it for the Xing FST, but it didn't really fit, yet for some reason I didn't delete it. And listening to it again, now I realize that it fits Dzader's attitude in The Miracle Potion pretty well (for the first book, anyway). So I'm looking for the whole song now and can't find it. D: Help?
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