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First day of work

First of all, it's been raining all weekend and today. Because of this, there was a LOT of traffic this morning, causing me to be 17 minutes late. >.>; Fortunately, government employees were put on liberal leave so not a lot of people came to work ANYWAY, and those who did were also late. So I was off the hook.

My opinion so far is that it's very...boring. The person I'm supposed to be working for wasn't at work, so this lady named Deb showed me around the department and took me to lunch instead. By now I know where everything is, and I also read the entire website for the firm (veeery boring). And even after all that, I had two hours left, and no one had any work for me to do. So Deb asked me to fool around with the scanner. She was basically asking me to waste time. So I did, taking notes on things that I'm sure will be very useless in the long run.

Hopefully I'll have more to do tomorrow. :/ And hopefully our house won't get FLOODED by all this RAIN.

EDIT: Oh, but good news is that my mom's coworker lent us X-Files SEASON TWO! Mwahahaha.

EDIT 2: Also, you know that tree at the White House? The one on the $20 bill? Apparently it went down because of the rain.
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