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It was a simple day, but a good one. I got ice cream at Coldstone and finally rented Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. Mom thought it was strange that I would want to watch an old black-and-white movie on my birthday. XD

The movie was very long. Mom and I were surprised when there was an Intermission in the middle. XD Which we used appropriately as a bathroom break. But it was a very good, enjoyable movie. We had problems understanding what the farmers were saying with their way of speaking though, so thank goodness for the subtitles for those parts.

Kikuchiyo was amusing. XD After the movie, I told mom that he's a robot in the anime and she was like "whut?" Kyuzo was also very cool and kickass despite appearances. I was so disappointed with how he died. ;__; It was too easy!! And I'm kinda sad that you don't get to see Heihachi in action very much... They really started dropping like flies once the guns came out (actually, I think all the samurai who died were killed with guns...dammit, not fair!). Kikuchiyo had a good death, though. He's so lovable. ♥

Katsushiro's character was much better developed in the anime. I liked anime!Katsushiro pretty much from the beginning, and I loved those moments where he starts to grow up and learn what it really means to be a samurai (like when he was shot in the leg, and killed that bandit, and went crazy in battle afterwards). Katsushiro in the movie was pretty pathetic. XD; (That is, more pathetic than anime!Katsushiro.) In the movie all he basically does is play errand boy, pick flowers, and have an affair with the farmer's daughter. Mom and I were yelling, "What are you doing picking flowers at a time like this, you moron?!" XD

The anime adapted a lot of the scenes from the movie directly. Like when Kyuzo goes to get a gun from the bandits alone (kickass!), how they find Heihachi, Kikuchiyo unintentionally claiming that he's thirteen years old, etc. And the image of the flag flapping in the wind holds a lot more meaning to me now. ;__; That was such a good scene in the movie.

Of course, the anime added a lot of stuff too- like the character of Kirara, all the plot in the city, the list goes on and on. But they also made characters like Gorobei and Shichiroji more interesting and memorable (because like, I can't recall much about them in the movie), though Kikuchiyo was more simplified in the anime.

Conclusion: The anime is good, though flawed. The movie is a classic. Check them both out. XD

Around 5 o'clock, Dad, Loanny, Rachel, and grandma came over to bring me gifts and cake. Yes, grandma came to our house. Very awkward. Needless to say, mom kept out of sight the whole time. D: I gave Dad his gift (and luckily he seemed to like it, because I wasn't sure if he really listened to the Red Hot Chili Peppers). I managed to eat a little bit of cake too, which means I can handle more kinds of food now, and for dinner I was able to eat chicken noodle soup yay!! Oh, non-sweet solid food, how I missed thee.

EDIT: W00T, Seven Samurai trailer! Ahh, Kikuchiyo. XD

EDIT 2: And in comparison, the OP for Samurai 7. Gotta love how Kanbei in the movie has shaved himself bald, but in the anime he has FLOWING LOCKS of beautiful hair! XD
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