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Got my first rejection letter today. Y'know, from the time I sent in the first chapter of my Nelly story to a publisher for my Creative Writing class. I actually forgot about it for a while. But I must say I'm not all that surprised. Maybe I'll frame it or something. :/
In other news, we went to check out George Mason University on Saturday. ME LIKE. So that's my #1 choice now.
Finally bought the Wolf's Rain DVD on Friday, and thank goodness, it was still on cheap. Haven't had the time to watch it yet, but since my mom's at her Calculas class tonight, I could spend a few hours alone without any nagging. So wahoo~ :D
DUDE. Three more weeks of FMA anime. Then no more until the movie next year. WAAAH so sad! >< But then, the dub will be airing on Adult Swim and the manga is still coming out every month, so I guess it won't be TOO bad. But WAAAAAH!
On the book side of things, I still haven't finished The Alchemist. I only have 40 pages left, and I could easily get it over with in like 20 minutes, but I'm having so much trouble getting into it. I admit I find it boring. I think it's the writing style that's bothering me the most. Sure, it's translated, but that doesn't omit the fact that I have little affection for any of the characters. Everyone feels so FLAT.
And the themes- I like them, believe them, and write about them. I'm pursuing my own Personal Legend as I speak. But I don't agree with trusting omens and intuition to the point where you let common sense slip away. I like to think that you should do things as logically as possible, and when worst comes to worst, then you let instinct take over. Not everything in life is so convenient as in a story.

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