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I'm back with -4 teeth!

Well, that wasn't so bad. I've somehow managed to take the pain medication so far, and I think it's working because it's been a while since my bottom lip stopped being numb but I don't feel any pain. However, I've learned that while jello might be good to eat, it's not so good to drink. Bleh. And I think I need to get my priorities straightened out, because the thing I'm feeling most uncomfortable about at the moment isn't my teeth, but the tiny hole they put in my arm for the IV. o___o; *shudder shudder* Won't be using this arm for a while....

The manga!FST posted at hagaren_manga today makes me want to start finishing my Xing FST. I'm still looking for a few there's this one song from the Hero soundtrack I want, but I can't find it on the internet, and I don't want to buy the CD just for that...

And this makes me happy because of Winry's GREEN bandanna. It's always been my petpeeve (a stupid one, admittedly) how people color in manga!Winry's bandanna PINK. Pink is ANIME canon. Every color illustration of manga!Winry's bandanna has been green. Not ONE pink bandanna in the manga. GREEN, GREEN, GREEN! [/nitpicky rant]
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