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Happy!! ...and at the same time, not.

I went to Borders today to buy a Father's Day present, but I also got Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 8 and Full Moon wo Sagashite Volume 6. YAY!

For Volume 8, these are some things I noticed while skimming through:

-The miners describe Ed as having "braids." O_o
-Ling says he's looking for the Philosopher's Stone so HE can become immortal. Technically, he only needs to find the Secret of Immortality to present to the emperor...
-Some of the smaller word bubbles are left blank. :/
-The whole Cselkcess thing, of course.
-The part where Ed's "Older brother's pride" falls off the scale- they've edited it wrong so that Ed's strength is falling off the scale, wtf.
-Fuu calls Ling "prince" and "your highness." The literal meaning of "Waka" is "young master,"'s not so bad. It does take away from the surprise of learning that Ling is a prince later on, though.
-In the omake, Den is translated as a male. But DEN IS A GIRL. D: Well...they translated Den as a male in the Profiles book, too...

But they used the terms "Amestrian" and "Ishbalan." :D I just need to see "Xingese" now and I'll be happy. And of course, yay for the names "Mei Chan" and "Ling Yao"!! I also like the dialogue. I mean, it's pretty much impossible for the Xing characters' accents to be translated, so that can't be helped. I liked Ling's "I no speak this country language!" XD

Tomorrow morning, I am going to get my wisdom teeth removed. D: Dad says he's only going to pick me up and drop me off, and that either grandma or Loanny will drive me back to their place. I really, really hope it's going to be Loanny. I don't want to wake up to find grandma telling the surgeons her life story or something. Dx

Also, went to get the pain medication tonight. The pills don't look so bad. But as for the liquid medicine.....I'm really bad at math and totally fail at the metric system, so until now I did not realize that 600 mg would mean I'd have to drink LIKE FIVE BOTTLES OF MOTRIN PER DOSE. THAT IS JUST. NO. IMPOSSIBLE. I think I'd rather be in pain. Because there is absolutely NO WAY I am going to get that all down and keep it in. Ohhhhhhh god, I feel sick just thinking about it. If it's going to be between horse pill and THAT, I'll probably choose neither. I've suffered through colds and sore throats without medicine, can't I suffer through this too?! DD: Or maybe the Vicodin will be enough. Hopefully. I'm going to have to ask them about the dosage again, definetely.
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