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Ishbal Events List

Kirsten and I were wondering how many more chapters the flashback arc will continue, so I decided to make a list of stuff we haven't seen yet.

-Scar's brother killed by Kimbley
-Scar somehow getting his brother's right arm
-Scar kill the Rockbells

Not so essential, but important:
-Kimbley's alchemy seen in action
-The Philosopher's Stone put in use
-Kimbley earn the title of Mad Bomber

-Roy making dummy bodies, Knox assisting him (?)
-The promise between Roy and Hughes (?)
-Riza deciding to follow Roy

Would be cool to see:
-Possible true nature of Hawkeye-sensei's alchemy revealed (?)
-Riza getting the scars on her back
-Riza find out about her grandfather (?)
-Roa get injured

Anything I should add? I'll try to remember this post so I could scratch things off as they happen next month...

I'm thinking that most of the Scar and Kimbley-related stuff will happen next chapter. There was plenty of buildup in Chap. 60, so I wouldn't be surprised if Chap. 61 jumps into the action right away. My prediction: Kimbley attempts to kill Scar, Scar's brother saves him, HUGE ALCHEMY BATTLE, Scar's brother dies, Scar gets injured, Kimbley is somehow unable to continue attacking, which enables Scar to be taken in by the Rockbells (who will not be killed by Kimbley).

If the flashback arc isn't finished in Chap. 61, then I expect that Chapter 62 will be for finishing things up. My prediction: Scar wakes up in the Rockbells' care, kills them. Kimbley gets arrested or whatever. Roy possibly attempts to find a way to only pretend he's doing his job by frying fake bodies (?). Some dramatic stuff leading to Roy and Hughes's promise, Roy finding motivation for his goal of becoming Fuhrer, etc.

If it does indeed continue into Chapter 62, then I predict that Volume 14 will have five chapters: 54, 55, 56, 57, 58. That would make it similar to Volume 5, which started the first flashback arc, and 57 and 58 were rather short so it's very possible. That would make Volume 15 contain the remainder of the Ishbal arc, and we'd get back to the plot starting with Chapter 63 (Volume 16). The flashback would be over by the end of summer.

...Now let's see how wrong I am next month. XD;

EDIT AS OF CHAP. 61: Well, the flashback was finished in Chapter 61. I'm still boggling over how much Arakawa fit into one chapter. I wish she could have spent more time with the Rockbells. D: It was just so...sudden. And now I predict that Volume 14 will have chaps. 54-57, and Volume 15 will have 58-61. Of course, Volume 14 is coming out in a couple of weeks so we'll find out soon anyway.


I finally got a Roy icon yay! :D
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