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Page 38/38 FINISHED! Oh god that was a lot of dialogue... x.x

Page 1
I'm sorry, Mr. Mustang
Having you take care of everything, even up to my father's funeral...
You don't have to worry about it. As an apprentice, I'll do anything I can for my teacher.
...Don't you have any other family or relatives?
My mother has long been dead.
Both my mother and father seem to have been estranged from their family, so I've never heard them talk of any relatives.
What will you do from now on?
I'll think about it.
Fortunately, my father at least made me go to school properly... I think I'll be able to live on my own somehow.

Page 2
...I see.
If anything happens, you can visit the military authorities anytime.
I'll probably be in the military for life.
...for life?
Please don't die.
...Don't say such ominous things...
I can't guarantee it.
Because in this occupation, someday I might just die on the side of the road like a piece of trash.
Even so, if I could become one of this country's foundation stones and be able to protect everyone with these hands
I think I'll be happy.

Page 3
That's the reason why I learned alchemy, but...
In the end, I wasn't able to be taught Master's secrets.
...Sorry, I ended up speaking of my naive dream.
I think it's a wonderful dream.
The secrets my father left behind.
He said they were written in a code that no average alchemist would be able to decipher.

Page 4
So Master left behind his secret manuscripts after all...
They're not manuscripts.
He said it would be a problem if his life's research disappeared or was taken by an outsider...
How did he leave them behind?
Mr. Mustang
That dream...
Can I entrust my back to it?
Is it alright to believe in a future where everyone can live in happiness?
Even though I believed

Page 5
Why did it turn out this way?
Chapter 60: The Absence of God

Page 6
"Why"? Because that is the job of a State Alchemist.
Why are soldiers, who ought to protect citizens, killing them instead?
Because that is the task given to us.

Page 7
Am I wrong?
Are you saying we should accept it? Accept this brutal scene?
You can't accept it as your job?
Everyone else?
If we could, we wouldn't be talking about these things.
That's right...for example....
The young lady there
"I'm doing this unwillingly"
You're wearing that kind of face
Killing isn't enjoyable...
Is that so?

Page 8
When you defeat your opponent, can you definitely say that you don't think "I hit him! All right!" and hold pride in your skill, that you don't have even a little moment where you feel a sense of achievement in your work?
Miss Sniper
....Don't say any more than that!!
In my view, you are the ones that I can't understand.
To seek for justice in a special place like a battlefield is what's strange.

Page 9
Is it heretical to kill with alchemy?
Is it better to kill with a gun?
Or is it that you were prepared to kill one or two, but can't bear killing thousands?
When you wore this of your own will, weren't you already prepared?
If you don't like it, you shouldn't have worn it in the first place. You moved forward onto this path on your own, why are you playing the victim now?
If you're going to take pity on yourself, don't kill people in the first place.
Don't avert your eyes away from death.
Look forward.
Look at the people you're killing in the face.
And don't forget them.
Don't forget.
Don't forget.
They won't forget you either.

Page 10
It's time.
I must go to work.
I have to go too. From today I'm in section 18.
Bye, Roy.
Why are you fighting?
It's simple.
"I don't want to die." That's all.
The reason is always simple, Roy.

Page 11
Why must we continue fighting this way!?!
Shut up!!
Stand, Armstrong!!
Bastard, do you understand these circumstances?!
If you don't fight, your comrades are going to die!!!

Page 12
Fine then!! You coward!!
Call in a substitute State Alchemist!!
But that' sudden!!
Agghh...and to think the Gunja district has already been cleaned out...
With this difference between allies and enemy, it can't be helped, Brigadier General Fesler...
On top of that, now with Major Armstrong pulling out, maybe it's better to reframe the plan one more time...
Go intending to die!!
Show those rebels the spirit of the national military!!
...Incompetent fool!!
Does he think falling in a charge is a thing of beauty?

Page 13
Nah, he just wants some credit as soon as possible.
It seems Colonel Mosquito's destruction of the Gunja district is already complete and they've moved on to the next one. He's getting impatient.
This is no joke.
Does he think we're only pawns to be used and thrown away?
Grand's party has arrived!!
They've sure killed a lot from our side

Page 14
So that is the reason I was called in
Well now, where are those Ishbalan warriors
I'll force open the battle line
You guys can follow slowly after
Please wait!!
There's no need for someone such as you to go first!!
My name is the Iron Blood Alchemist, Basque Grand!!
Iron and blood!!
In other words, weapon and soldier!!
If this body itself is not the forerunner in battle, what else is it for?!!

Page 16
Follow Colonel Grand!! Give him cover!!
Don't let the Colonel die!!
All right!
We've gotten control of the northern district!
We're pushing them back!! All right!! Keep on pushing forward!!
That's good!!

Page 17
"That's good"....?
(Piece of shit!! How many of our men do you think have died faced with your recklessness?!)
We've lost communication with Isaac's party in the southern district!!
In the west district, Harry's party's path of retreat has been cut off and they're requesting aid!
Agghh dammit!! They're useless!!
Captain Hughes, get out there!!
Ah...aye, sir! (Me?!)
To the west district!!
We'll seize the main street in west district and join Harry's party!
Belta, Anton, Cesaer, move in from the right! Match my movements!
Kaufman! Doura! Give us cover!!
Alright, you men!! Don't die if you can help it!!

Page 18
[....I cannot make out ANY of what that Ishbalan guy is saying. D: ]
I don't want to die
I don't want to die
Hold on!!
[This voice-getting-drowned-out-by-the-noise affect is very well done, because I can't read what he's saying here either!]

Page 19

Page 20
Well what do you know...
It's the highest man in charge of the Ishbala religion, Roug Roa.
Indeed it is.
I'd heard you'd already escaped to the interior of Ishbal.
I do not have the nerve to watch and stay silent while everyone is falling in battle.
I would like to talk with King Bradley.
In exchange for my life, I request that you spare the living Ishbalans who remain.

Page 21
It's the head of the high priest, Roug Roa, vital point of Ishbal.
Are you unsatisfied?
I want the death on both sides to end with mine.
I understand.
I'll send word to above.
What's this?
Why did they stop fighting?
Who is that?

Page 22
It's the highest man in charge of the Ishbala religion, Roug Roa.
He says he would like to talk with His Excellency the Fuhrer, so we've brought him.
You idiot!! This is an extermination!! The orders are to kill every one, no matter who it is!!
Who told you to stop fighting?! Return to your station!! think we'd pushed them so far...
Exterminate those Ishbalan pigs!!
CHARGE!!! Hurry and bring down all the districts, you scum!!!
What's wrong, hurry it up!!
The orders...
Brigadier General Fesler, haven't you heard?

Page 23
They say that among the casualties on the battlefield,
twenty percent of the officers are being killed by their subordinates.
[Grand is TEH WIN! ]

Page 24
.....It's a stray bullet.
A stray bullet it is.
Hmmm, if Brigadier General Fesler is like this, it can't be helped.
I'll have no choice but to take command.
Yes, it can't be helped.
Please go ahead, Colonel Grand.
Captain Hughes, you take Roe and go to the Fuhrer!
Aye sir
Second Lieutenant Vermouth, quickly carry the injured to the back!
Aye aye
Should I...
say my thanks?
I won't be able to accept it.

Page 25
I can only pray that your business with the Fuhrer will go well.
So you mean to save the remaining tens of thousands of Ishbalans with your one life?
Don't be conceited.

Page 26
You say that your one life and the remaining tens of thousands of lives have equal worth?
Don't be so conceited, human.
One life has only the worth of that one life itself, and is no more or less than that.
I won't hear of any replacement.
I won't stop the annihilation either.
Wasting my time with such dull things.
Take them away.

Page 27
God's wrath will fall upon you!!
God, you say?
Now how strange.
In these circumstances, God's wrath still hasn't fallen upon me.
Even now when the Ishbalans are about to come to ruin, God won't appear.
I wonder when and where God will appear and save you?
And what is God in the first place?

Page 28
Is it not just an idol created by weak humans who want someone to depend on?
Will an idol defeat me, King Bradley? How ridiculous.
Take them away. Treat them the same as the other Ishbalans.
Captain Hughes, return to your station and under Grand's command, continue the extermination. Keep the loss of our men as low as possible.
Hey, what's your religion?
Sir. I don't profess to anything in particular...

Page 29
Even if I were to choose a specific religion after this, I won't choose the religion of Ishbala. too.
I'd decline from a religion that's been abandoned by its god.
---That's right....
God is created by humans.
It's merely something that comes from the hands of men.
In that case, what will bring wrath down upon us is not God, but probably "humans."

Page 30
Open up!!
Please open!!
Amestris has abandoned us Ishbalans!!
We wish to seek asylum in Aerugo!!
Please open up!!
Hey you! You can hear us, can't you?!
Please open!! Please open!!

Page 31
They give weapons to Ishbal and stir up the national military, but when it comes to this crucial moment they abandon us...
They'll only use us and throw us away...!!
Oh Aerugans!! So you too will let us Ishbalans die?!
Why you...
We won't forget this humiliation...
Even if everyone in the world denies Ishbal
We will survive no matter what!!!
Why are only children being brought in?!

Page 32
Don't die...
I won't let you die!!
Give me a break...I have a daughter around the same age at home...
(I absolutely won't let you die.......!!)
It's the Kanda district.
A couple of Amestrian doctors have stayed on since before the annihilation campaign.

Page 33
Really! That's impressive.
It's quite a problem. They've even refused to hear out our recent request for them to return home and they're still continuing to treat Ishbalans.
That's good.
I like humans who stick to their intentions.
Oh, excuse that is why this unit is at a standstill?
Hmph...even if we were to protect the two, they're right in the thick of the enemy's position.
I anticipate a fairly large loss.
It really is quite a problem.

Page 34
Before we could save go save them
if those two were to accidentally get caught up in the war and die, what shall we do? Right, Crimson Alchemist?
....That's right
By accident.
Brother!! The national military has come really close!!
Just leave that research behind and....
Wait. It's only a little more....
What are those tattoos?!
Oh, these?

Page 35
The basics of alchemy are analysis, deconstruction, and reconstruction.
This right arm is deconstruction. The left arm is reconstruction.
I researched the eastern Rentanjutsu and arranged it to my own liking...
Those things aren't worth worrying about!!
The military...
Hey, stop!
Why do you stop me!! Even now, my brother is still doing research that goes against God!!
We're begging you, please restrain yourself.
Because your brother's research might save Ishbal.
Did you hear? About the State Alchemists...
They say they're being thrown in as weapons and are devastating Ishbal with their awful power.

Page 36
I know! I've also heard that they've already come close to here!
What does that have to do with my brother?!
He might find a way to gain a massive power that could not only rival the State Alchemists, but surpass them, and attack the national military.
With a power that could surpass power.....
We'll retaliate against them with alchemy!
We'll make them pay with blood!!
(...Look, Brother...)
(This is the alchemy you are devoted to...)

Page 37
Even if you hope it's for the people and happiness, no one will see it that way!!

Page 38
The national military has begun their attack.....!!
Now then.
Let's do our work.
The final clash; the war will give birth to further misery.

OMG FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X_____X
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  • In which I squee over souvenirs

    Mom's back from Japan! And I was able to drive her to the airport and pick her up by myself without any problems! It's my first time doing that, so…

  • My tweets

    Sun, 04:14: Holy shit, the Nuramago manga is getting pretty intense. D: Poor Rikuo... Sun, 05:13: Wow, Travis Willingham is doing an…

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