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7th Detective Conan movie

Since Writer's Group was cancelled due to the tornado warning, I finally got around to watching Crossroads at the Ancient Capitol (they were renting it at Naniwa AT LAST). However, I'm disappointed. This is most definetly my least favorite of the movies.
Problem 1: It's predictable. I was able to guess right away who was going to get killed, and that Shinichi was pretending to be Heiji, and that Kazuha was actually Heiji's first love. For a mystery series, that's not a good sign.
Problem 2: They were obviously trying to make the motorcycle scenes look 'cool' by making them all CG, but instead, they looked really out of place and fake.
Problem 3: The...pacing...was...too...slow. I got bored. Most of the time Conan and Heiji were just walking around talking. By the time the culprit was revealed, I had completely lost interest in the case.
Problem 4: The music. I had no problem with Time After Time ~Hanamau Machi de (in fact, it's my favorite Kuraki Mai song next to Secret of My Heart), but the soundtrack blows. We mind as well have no background music at all. This only made the pacing issues even worse.
All in all, it felt like a complete waste of time. I think my favorite part of the whole movie was the ending credits, where they showed beautiful shots of Kyoto in different seasons. It's not fair! I wanna go!!!! >

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