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I should really be editing my short story now because I promised to bring something to Writer's Group tomorrow... D:

Explain your name on livejournal and it's meaning. When you are done, tag a number of people equivalent to the number of letters in your name. *reworded it a bit* XD;

Basically, it's my full name. My first name is Cynthia (C), my middle name is Sakura (Sakura), and my last name starts with an "s" (S). Simple, no? :O A lot of people have thought that I got it from Card Captor Sakura, though.

C rainmage
S amurderofcrows
A bjeezus
K donna_c_punk
U etfingers
R hamsterfactor
A tobu_ishi
S zauberer_sirin
Tags: meme

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