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Re: Dream Saga Volume 5

I'm starting to think this'll be my new distraction until Chapter 60 is out. :D

I bought and read Volume 5 today. I have to say it was a pretty good ending. It's all apocalyptic with shocking revelations and sacrifices and declarations of love, etc. etc. I actually had a hard time putting it down for a while.

-Evil!Takaomi = YES MWAHAHA! Well...he's not really evil, but yeah. NATURE'S FURY RAWR. AAAAANGST!!!

-I admit it was pretty creepy when Yuuki said "I should be the one to be eaten by Takaomi" with that smile on her face. O__o; And flashing back to Takaomi's line from the first volume: "I'm gonna cook and eat you instead!" *SHUDDER*

-I think Souta is my favorite character. XD; I thought he was pretty cool in the first half of this volume, even though all he did basically was pull an all-nighter. XDDD;

-Aw. I was kinda hoping that there was some legend behind Taizou's crush on Nakime or something. Oh well, they finally got to meet yay! You BETTER find her soon, Taizou. >O

-I'm glad they explained what was up with the fact that Yuuki was the same age in both worlds, had no other-world-self, etc. I thought it was kinda weird that she's a TREE, though... O_o And BINGA FINALLY EXISTS AGAIN! >O

-Really, wouldn't Takaomi have a split personality now?! Takamagahara!Takaomi is so much different than Nakatsukuni!Takaomi, but from what we see of him in the last chapter, it seems like Takaomi has his Takamagahara personality...ehhh?? But I always did think that Nakatsukuni!Takaomi didn't have much of a personality anyway, so maybe he got overpowered. XD

-I'm a bit disappointed that the kids can't stay conscious in both worlds anymore. There goes my fanfic idea. D: But there's one point that I'm still unclear's shown that they've kept their memories in Nakatsukuni, but what about in Takamagahara? Do they keep their memories in the other world too? So would it be in Nakatsukuni, they remember everything that happened, but they just can't remember what's going on with their other-world selves after the Final Episode? And likewise, their Takamagahara selves remember everything but not their lives in Nakatsukuni after the Final Episode?

....I'm starting to get confused. Okay, I admit it, I just don't want T!Souta and T!Nachi to forget what they've been through and I want them to get together. XO BUT THIS ONLY MEANS I CAN WRITE FANFIC TO EXPLAIN THESE THINGS, RIGHT?

Speaking of which, the Souta/Nachi scenes in this volume were SO CUTE. *__*


*early morning*
Nachi: Souta *sniff*....Souta! *sob* SOUTAAAA!! ;__________;
Taizou: WHAT'S WRONG??
Souta: *getting beat up* @__@ Zzzzzz...
Nachi: What should we do, Taizou?! ;______;

And then after Taizou tells her that Souta is staying up in Nakatsukuni, she's all crying and hugging him "I almost had a heart attack...why didn't you tell me?" SOOOO CUTEEEEEE.

Another favorite moment! When Souta finally wakes up, everyone's like "You're awake?! Do you have any idea how worried we all were?" But Nachi doesn't say anything, but just walks up to him, leans her head against his shoulder and cries. And Souta just SMILES and pats her head. *___* CUUUUUUUTE.

And there was good Souta/Nachi interaction in Nakatsukuni too OMG! I think Nachi is definetely over Takaomi now, and he doesn't even make a big fuss over it. All it takes for Souta to stop him from chasing after Takaomi is to put his hand on his shoulder. THAT'S IT. Nachi only goes "...Arrrgh, fine!" and let's only Yuuki go after him.

Seriously. Nachi has SO moved on to Souta now. XDD Even when she was fighting with Kaya, it only looked like she was doing it to cheer Yuuki up (and of course she had to get all blushy because of Souta's reaction to that). Yeah, I think Chapter 18 is when she/he officially fell for Souta. XD

And at the very end, it seems Souta has filled in Takaomi's previous role as Nachi's glompbuddy...sorta. XDD

Nachi: "I'm gonna pick on you this year too!" >D <--[HAPPY]
Souta: #T___T#

...Um, yeah. I'm officially obsessed with this pairing. SouNachi OTP! XD; I am so tempted to scan all my favorite moments of those two...
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