Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Re: Dream Saga Vol. 3 and 4

It's REALLY hot today so I've been staying in the kitchen the whole time. Which basically means I've been doing nothing but reading manga and filling out job applications. >.>;

Anyway, I bought Volume 3 and 4 of Mugen Densetsu Takamagahara (Dream Saga) at Anime Boston. About 5 years ago (maybe more?), my cousin in Japan sent me the first two volumes. I'm usually not into shoujo very much, but I ended up liking it. But of course, it wasn't licensed back then and now I'm just finally getting to read the rest.

Pairing-wise, back when I only had the first two volumes, I was a bit interested in Souta/Yuuki. (Takaomi/Yuuki is obviously canon but I feel rather indifferent about them.) But now...I'm totally into Souta/Nachi. XD; I'm so amused how it's like slash and het at the same time, and I'm starting to think that it's actually going to happen, which is even better. I mean yeah, Nachi is constantly "TAKAOMI♥" but he/she's always been teasing Souta in Nakatsukuni, and now in Takamagahara she/he's playing with his hair all the time, getting jealous over him, and then Chapter 18....XD So much love. The relationship would really mess with Souta's head too, haha. I want to write fanfic for them now but I don't think anyone would read it, the Dream Saga fandom being practically nonexistant.

And Nachi is love her/himself. The hot springs chapter. XDDDD Keima is awesome too. "YAY TRASH! ^___^ I can fix plotholes with my inventions!" And Taizou has become more interesting with his adorable crush on Nakime. I found Yuuki a bit annoying all through Volume 4 with her "Oh noes Takaomi must love Kaya!" angst. :/ But it would be really interesting if Takaomi becomes the group's enemy, what with the parallels between him and Susanoo. Or maybe he's the reason the worlds are doomed? It would be awesome if they have to end up killing him or something, there would be so much angst. XD; But it's not like he'd die in Nakatsukuni too, so everything would still be alright!! ...Kinda. Unless they have to kill him in Nakatsukuni too, but now I'm getting ahead of myself. more volume to go before I'm done with the series. O.o It's so short...

EDIT: On another note, I understand this is a fantasy series meant for young girls, but I still can't get over how UNREALISTIC everyone's reactions are to the fact that THE SUN IS DISAPPEARING. They're all just like "It's so cold outside, what's going on. D:" Where's the mass panic and chaos?! It would be SO interesting if someone wrote a fanfic that addresses how much of a natural disaster this would be...

EDIT 2: ALSO, where did Binga go?! D: I looove the little birdie, but now you can barely tell that she's even there! I forgot she even existed when writing this post! ;__; I mean in Volume 1, she was the only one Yuuki could really talk to, but I guess since now the cast is bigger, there's not much room for her anymore? But Binga is awesome!! T__T
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