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Bi-Weekly Anime Theater!

Woah...the lack of sleep is finally catching up to me now. @_@

Episode 5: The Traveling Swamp Ginko meets a strange girl with green hair who has an unusual bond with a swamp...a swamp that is traveling to the sea. (Another one of the best episodes, IMO. It also features the first appearance of Adashino-sensei, the only other recurring character in the series. The music is beautiful too- seriously, even if you don't download the episode, at least get the music: Tabi wo Suru Numa)

Episode 6: The Crowd that Inhales Dew Ginko is brought to a remote island and asked to investigate the Living God- a girl named Akoya who is being worshipped by the local villagers.

Comment if you download plz~!
Tags: anime, mushishi

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