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Re: Anime Boston

I came home at like 3 in the morning and ate something, checked my flist, and tried to go to bed at around 5 AM, but I couldn't go to sleep for some reason even though I didn't sleep much on the train, and then I discovered there was this HUGE SPIDER in my bed so I spent some minutes panicking and trying to get it but it disappeared somewhere. D: And by then I was wide awake and I've been awake ever since. I'm probably going to collapse later on today and GAH IT'S SO HOT BROKEN AIR CONDITIONING.

...Uh. I was going to post about the con.

Things I bought:
-Mudkip plushie!! My dream became reality! :DD
-GORGEOUS Kino poster *__*
-Winry tool kit!
-"Philosopher's Stone is PEOPLE" T-shirt
-Dream Saga, Chrono Crusade, and Monster manga
-MY FIRST EVER DOUJINSHI! Ed/Winry, of course (I stayed faaar from the hentai/yaoi sections). One of them is so adorable and it's by the people who's fansite I visit a lot~ The other one was disappointing though, because it's more Royai than EdWin. :/ You'd think it'd be mostly EdWin because the entire cover only has Ed and Winry on it, but...

Highlights of the trip:
-Kaiju Big Battel
-Human Cosplay Chess!
-The Japanese cafe we found near the convention center. Best ramen I've had since Japan. ♥
-Watching Good Burger and Law & Order in the hotel room.
-The company. :)

Some disappointments:
-The power outage and delayed train. -__-
-Karaoke was much worse than at Otakon. The singers were bad on average, and you'd think they could at least have some off-vocal music.
-I lost my Hermes pin badge. D:

Overall, it was FUN! I've never gone on a trip like that with friends before~~ And now I'm running out of money and really need to get a job. XD; But as for today, mom and I are hopefully going to go see X-Men 3 and find a nice frame for my poster yay!
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