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1st day of school

Man, it feels like I never left. Surprising how easily I got used to the new schedule. I guess 3 years of experience does amount to something.
I have Mr. Smith again for Government, which will make it more bearable, because he's a cool teacher (always interested in what I'm reading). And no SOL! I met up with Brianna too, gotta find her at lunch tomorrow.
Found out Room NW1 stands for Nature's Way 1, so no problem finding my Astronomy class tomorrow. I have Ms. Fairfield for French again (yay!) and Mr. Bill for bus driver (boo!). Chris is in my Advanced Mathematics class, I wonder if we'll ever get to talk sometime (doubt it). I'm proud of how much math skillz I retained after the summer.
I also started The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho this morning, and I'm already halfway through (it's a short book). So far, it's very meh. Which is weird, because it's filled with the kind of stuff I'm usually crazy about. It'll probably get a lot better though.

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