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Re: Monster episode 68

OMG. Lunge and Grimmer teaming up?! 8DD SQUEEEEEEEEE!

I keep finding the fact that I'm fangirling old guys in this series amusing. XD I mean, the only pretty boy type character is Johan, and I find him creepy as hell, so instead I fangirl men old enough to be my father. XDD

I'm liking Lunge better. Now he really seems to have a good idea of what's going on, and is taking action to do something about it! And he thinks about his family finally, albeit briefly. WRITE A LETTER TO YOUR GRANDCHILD, DAMMIT! >O I just know that if I ever show my mom this series she's going to be ranting about how Lunge treats his family (I mean, she never shuts up about Benjamin Franklin).

I like the small town setting. The place feels so isolated, so even though it seems so quaint, I'm getting afraid of what kind of atrocities are going to occur there. D: And there's that old couple getting all paranoid....

...Oh man, only five more episodes left?! O_O It so does not feel like the end yet. But if Tenma and Nina show up, that would mean most of the important players would be gathered in one spot (assuming Johan is there too)...

Yo Rinny, how far are you now? :O

EDIT: HOLY CRAP!!!!!! O__O *on episode 69 now*

EDIT 2: Just finished episode 70... OH MY GOD. The Grimmer+Lunge combo is SO FRIGGIN AWESOME. "I'll buy you a beer." OMG. I never thought Lunge would be so badass. O__O

Me: OMG EW ROBERTO!!!!!!!! >EEEEEE *glares at computer monitor*
Me: fsjdfijsdifj I hate him just as much as Tucker from FMA. WHY ISN'T HE DEAD YET?!
Kirsten: D:

EDIT 3: Did Lunge just APOLOGIZE?!?!? OMG!!!!!!!! :DDDD

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