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Ahh, a full night of watching Monster and the X-Files. I'm gonna have some f-ed up dreams tonight. :D

I'm still waiting for my download for episodes 57-64 of Monster to finish, so for now I'll ramble about the development of certain characters at this point in the series.

Tenma: Still so much love for the guy. He needs hugs. D: I literally gasped several times in a row when he was arrested, and then all his patients trying to help him made me teary-eyed, and it was great seeing all these characters he's met on the way reappearing and seeing their reactions to his arrest. And then I keep going OH SHIT as things escalate, and even when he's in prison and a fugitive he's all about saving people. Even Eva, because no way in hell does he love her now, but he used to love her, and she's human. He can't be responsible for her death too, even though he basically ruined her life. Which brings me to...

Eva: At first I felt disgust and pity. But now, it's all pity. I feel so sorry for her, even though most of the things that's gone wrong in her life was because of her own rotten nature. Tenma was too good for her, but she's realized that now several times over, and even with that rotten personality she constantly feels regret. If she hadn't treated Tenma that way, she might have lived a much happier life. She would have had someone who actually loved her, but instead she threw that happiness away because she was spoiled and selfish. And I really, really feel sorry for her. I loved it when she finally decided to help prove Tenma's innocence, and she suddenly became a character I could root for because I was shouting RUN, EVA, RUN at the computer monitor. Man, I was so scared for her. I find it amazing how in the beginning of the series she's this seemingly minor character that you love to hate, but now with everything she's gone through and how much she's changed, she's become such a memorable character to me...

Roberto: HATE!!! >E Augh. I honestly can't understand why Eva slept with him, I find him disgusting in every single way.

Grimmer: Backtracking a bit now to Prague. Oh, Grimmer. Grimmer. GRIMMER♥ Your poor broken man. You poor broken boy. I can only express my feelings with sad faces and hearts. ;____; ♥♥

Lunge: FINALLY, MAN. He's FINALLY getting on the right track!! I'm still not sure what he means to do with all this information in the end; after all, he's only on a "vacation." I suspect that he's only doing it for the sake of having the information...I don't think he wants to prove Tenma's innocence with it. But I think he does believe that Johan exists now, and he's digging deeper into it on a whim or something. But the man has guts....I was whimpering the whole time he was tearing down that wall. XD; Now I'm just curious what he might do if he ever comes face-to-face with Johan sometime, or what Johan might do, because he's accumulated so much information. I want to know what part he's going to play in the remaining episodes.

Valdeman: I'm amazed how Monster always introduces these new characters who seem to have such minor roles, and build up their pasts and fears and ways of thinking, no matter how late in the storyline it is. I really like Valdeman, I feel sympathy for him, and I hope he gets to live happily with his wife and kid and NOT get killed off or get framed for murder like some of the other minor characters I've come to love in this way!!! XO

Nina/Anna: Man, she's got problems. *understatement of the century* I like how she's got Dieter tagging along and worrying over her now. We haven't seen enough of Dieter lately. And um...yeah. I want to know more about her mother and what happened to her and Johan and all the f-ed up stuff that happened at the Red Rose Mansion. And what is the deal with the creepy picture books?!

Johan: He's way too good at crossdressing. It creeps me out. D:

...Watching Monster has made me want to study abroad in Prague. Good idea, bad idea?
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