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Bi-Weekly Anime Theater is back!!

Since I'll be at home for the summer, I decided to start this up again. :D I'm gonna be starting over with Mushishi, and unless anyone wants me to upload any of the series I was doing before, Avatar too. (Yeah, Avatar isn't anime, but more people need to watch it. >O)

Anyway, Mushishi: Ginko is a Mushishi ("Bug Master") who travels around solving problems caused by Mushi, organisms unlike plants and animals that are the closest to life itself. Much like Kino no Tabi, it has a simple premise and is made up of stand-alone episodes. Genre-wise, I'd say it's a combination of drama, fantasy, horror...but not quite. The series as a whole has a very laid-back feel to it, with beautiful animation (almost like a moving painting) and haunting music.

Episode 1: The Green Seat Ginko goes to investigate a boy who has the power to make the things he draws come to life. Unknown to him, there is a Mushi problem in the house.

Episode 2: Light in the Eyelids Sui is a girl with a mysterious illness, causing her to live locked up in a dark warehouse, where she sees...

Comment if you download plz~!
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