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'Procrastinator' is my middle name (not really)

I'm supposed to be working on my application essay for a couple colleges. But instead, I've been lurking around the Full Metal Alchemist community and practicing drawing Edward (I've gotten better, but I dare not attempt the automail).
School is like a day away. Shoot.
Earned $20 by pulling weeds and doing a heck of a lot of chores. Hopefully Best Buy still has Wolf's Rain for cheap, though it's been like two weeks since it came out. I'll need to make more money for my mom's birthday though. I REALLY need a job.
I can't come up with a good topic for my essay. I'm gonna stick to a narrative kinda thing, because I'm better at that. I've looked back through my journal entries for ideas, and have a couple of possibilities. I highly doubt I'll finish it today though.
Had curry croquets and shumai for dinner tonight. Yummy~! And I nabbed the last bottle of strawberry soda that was on sale at Naniwa. I couldn't find any Ippei-chan instant yakisoba, though. Global Foods don't have them anymore either. This makes me sad. The fact that I never got to eat any Suika no Ice this summer makes me even more sad. I need my Japanese junk food dammit!

That was really random.

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