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Chap. 59 Translation GO!

..... *still feeling a bit stunned*

40/40 complete. DONE.


Page 1
That was a despicable ceremony...!!

Pages 2-4
*insert lots of screaming here*

Page 5
Chapter 59: The Corrupted Alchemists
Run, run!!

Page 6
It seems the State Alchemists are out beyond that hill.
What a great pillar of fire
Are they really human?
They're monsters.

Page 7
Retreat, retreat!!
The women and children go ahead!!
To the east!!
Get out of the city!!

Page 8
What's wrong?!
Hurry and run...
What's with this wall?!
There shouldn't be anything like this here!!
Bring a ladder, a ladder!!
Let us out
Hey, what's going on!!

Page 9

Page 10-11
*insert panting*

Page 12
Run away!!
Escape to the east quickly!!
Tell the other Ishbalans to escape as well!!
Do not stand up to the National Military!!

Page 14
That was a close one, Major Armstrong.
To overlook the enemy like that...
If anyone else were to see, you wouldn't be able to escape a court-martial.

Page 15
Can you stand?
...those bastards.
I'll blow them away!
Take this...

Page 16
Wait a...
Gah~~~ they're strong
Just one of those Ishbalan warrior priests take out about ten of our men.

Page 17
Hey, retreat, retreat!!
The Flame Alchemist is coming!!
If you don't want your asses caught on fire, hurry and get the hell out of there, you trash!
(The attacks have gone down.)

Page 18
What the?!
A column of fire?! [...Okay, how the hell are we going to fit this into that tiny word bubble?]
It's not a bombshell!!
Is it a new weapon?!
Crap!! Disp....

Page 19
An alchemist...
This is...the use of alchemy...
that you were hoping for...?
Isn't it a skill used for the...

Page 20

Page 21
How dare you...sons of bitches!!
Well if it isn't old man Comanche.
Wonder if he was shot?
If he has enough energy to howl like that, he'll be fine. Good for you, you can go back home now, old man.
That old man's a State Alchemist?
I was watching nearby, and those guys are incredible.
You could say they're like weapons that work on quick turns or they're like cannons [Ugh...this line is difficult.]
Seriously, those skills aren't human!
If you're close, you'll get caught up in it

Page 22
Hughes! So you're here too!
Hey, it's been a while, Ro...
Ohh! Now you're "Major Mustang," aren't you?
To be more precise, it's "a position equivalent to a major." Actually, I only have as much authority as a Captain.
Hahah! Same as me!
You became a Captain? When?
Just now! Out here, people both high and low keep dying.
If you gain a little credit...

Page 23
You've got a different look in your eyes.
You do too.
It's a killer's eyes.
It feels familiar, like it was just a while ago.

Page 24
Your eyes were sparkling at the military academy. We all sure talked a lot about this country's future.
Yeah, we sure did.
About the "beautiful future."
Ahh, man. This stuff wasn't included in that future.
How's life here?
Not much.
Blast artillery at them, corner them in, surround them, and burn them. Then we thoroughly shoot up whoever's left.
Just a repetition of that.

Page 25
....Do they really plan to continue this until every last Ishbalan is killed?
Throwing even State Alchemists out here.
...Hey, Hughes.
This annihilation campaign.
If the goal is only to suppress the rebellion, don't you think there are too many risks?
I was thinking of that too.
This place doesn't have much resources or any commercial value worth speaking of.
After wasting armaments to this extent, the only thing to be gained is "peace in the east"?
At a time when the west and the south are also in an explosive state?
I don't understand.
Is there something here to go that far for?

Page 26
Right now it's just about ceased, but if they're to make this place into a base for trade with various eastern countries in the future... would be tasteless to render it to a burnt field.
Lieutenant Hughes!
It's Captain.
Oh! Excuse me!
It's a letter.
What is it?!
It's my "beautiful future"!

Page 27
A woman?
She's in Central!
She's been waiting for my return all this time!
Ahhhhh!! What'll I do if some other guy is making a pass at her!! No, there's no way that Glacier would leave a great guy like me to have an affair! No no no, but there's still no way the guys around her would leave such a great woman alone.....
Hughes...I'll give you one word of advice.
It's a common pattern in movies and novels.
Guys who talk happily about their family or lovers on the battlefield have a high chance of dying! Stop it right there!
And what about you!
Don't you have something lighthearted to talk about...

Page 29
A gunshot?!
It's okay, Roy.
We have a "hawk's eye" on us.

Page 30
Yeah, it's a still nameless sniper.
It's become quite a topic among us.
She's still a cadet from the military academy, but at any rate she's got a good arm.
It seems she's been brought all the way out here. think they have to pull out even a little chick like that...
This must be the end.

Page 31
There she is.
Thanks for before. You were the one who shot that, right?

Page 32
It's been a while, Mr. Mustang...
No, perhaps I should call you Major Mustang now.
Have you begun to remember?
...How could I forget.
( awful.)

Page 33
(Even this person has gotten a killer's eyes.)
Now, Doctor Marcoh.
Show it to us.

Page 34
The Philosopher's Stone...!!
Wonderful! Good work, Marcoh!
If we have this, the annihilation campaign will be over quickly.
We're counting on you, Major Kimbley.
Oh, I haven't introduced you yet.
Zolf J. Kimbley
The Crimson Alchemist

Page 35
Pleased to meet you.

Page 36
What's wrong?
You're Marcoh from Central, right.
I've seen you before.
You are...?
I'm a shabby doctor named Knox. Welcome to Ishbal.
A medical officer?
Until just a while ago.
A while...?

Page 37
What is that?! *screams in the background*
Gathering data on the effects of burns and pain on a human body.
Using Ishbalans.
Human experiments?! Here?! a doctor being made to do things like that?!
A doctor...that's right, I'm a doctor, aren't I?
Have you heard? They say there's a couple of Amestrian doctors continuing to treat Ishbalans in the Kanda district.
What did you say?!
How foolish...
That's suicidal!

Page 38
"Foolish" it?
That's what you'd say from a safety zone.
On one hand, there are doctors who flatter authority and kill people.
On the other hand, there are doctors who stick to the unfortunate and continue to let people live.
Hey Marcoh
Why am I killing people when I'm a doctor?
I was....afraid of my father.

Page 39
Because the sight of him absorbed in his research was as if he were possessed by something.
Yet still, I believed in my father's words that this great power would bring happiness to many people.
--I believed that.
Alchemy would give people dreams and hope, and that the military would protect this country's future.....
Please tell me, Major.
Why are soldiers, who ought to protect citizens, killing them instead?
Why is alchemy, which ought to bring happiness to the people, being used for murder?

Page 40
(What is this uncomfortable feeling....)
There is something strange about this country's alchemy...!!
Riza, who holds doubt in alchemy and the war. And what is it that this man has realized?!

FINISHED!!!! (Well, mostly.)
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