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Re: Digimon Savers Episodes 2-4

Digimon Savers is ridiculously fun to watch (and make fun of). XD

Episode 2

Me: I think I'm gonna catch up on Digimon Savers :O
Kirsten: :OO
Kirsten: I have four episodes on my computer but I havent' bothered to watch them.

Me: ...oh, I just realized that I'm watching a RAW. :O
Kirsten: :OO
Me: WHAT. that's his MOM?! I thought she was his sister!!!
Kirsten: :O
Me: what's with all these super-young mothers in anime?!
Kirsten: I haven't watched past episode one. XD
Me: I'm on episode 2 right now XD

Me: for some reason I really find it amusing when Masaru goes "WAAAHHHHHH O__O"
Kirsten: XD
Me: XDDD Agumon is calling Masaru's mom by her first name
Kirsten: XDD
Me: oh man this is soooo amusing
Kirsten: XDD

Me: GASP. Masaru's wearing a school uniform!! it looks so...odd.
Kirsten: :O
Me: dude, the Digivice is like a Pokeball now??
Kirsten: WHAT
Me: he can store Agumon inside it!!
Me: it feels so weird to see Yoshino driving a car. I need to get used to how the kids are older this season...
Kirsten: Yeah :O

Me: ahahah. there's another Digimon making trouble, and Masaru and Agumon are like "YAY! We get to beat someone up again! :D"
Kirsten: XDD
Me: Agumon is so cute omigosh
Kirsten: XD I need to catch up on Digimon Savers
Me: "Saiaku nandesu kedo" yep, that's a catchphrase

Me: I love how Masaru always tries to punch the Digimon himself when fighting XD
Kirsten: XD
Me: at least he's putting in effort! no standing around and watching for him!
Kirsten: XD YEY

Me: GeoGreymon kicks so much butt. it's like ROOOOAAARRR *blows flame* while Lalamon's evolved form was just like SUNSHINE BEAM :O
Kirsten: XDDD

Episode 3

Me: "Agu-chan" XDD
Kirsten: XD
Me: I love Agumon in Masaru's house <3
Me: ...that is a friggin huge serving of rice o.o
Me: the new kid's barely appeared for one second and we get fanservice!!
Kirsten: XDDD

Me: omg we're almost able to see right up his bathrobe O____o
Kirsten: o.O
Me: ahhhhh Agumon <3333
Me: wait, so Agumon can only evolve if Masaru hits a Digimon?

Me: hahaha DATS is like the Men In Black, they even have the flashy pen thing that erases memories. XD
Kirsten: REally? XDD
Me: yes! and Gaomon: "Yes, Master." he says that in English XD
Kirsten: XD

Me: XDDDDDDDDD they go in a boxing ring!!!
Kirsten: XD
Me: so Touma is Austrian, but they speak English? what?
Me: I think we see the humans fighting more than the Digimon in this season so far. XD
Kirsten: XD Fun!
Me: Touma: *punches Masaru in the stomach*
Girls: KYAAAA :D
Kirsten: XD
Me: I'm so amused, Agumon is just watching this. XD
Me: why is an attack called "Spiral Claw" a tornado flying from Gaogamon's nose? O.o
Kirsten: o.O
Kirsten: He has claws in his nose?
Me: XD
Me: wtf, DATS is all like "Good to have you on board, Masaru. : )" and then the next day they're "YOU SUCK, THIS IS HOW MUCH YOU SUCK"
Kirsten: XD
Me: these subtitles are so inaccurate :/
Kirsten: D: I've been noticing that as I watch subtitled anime too.
Me: wtf, the guy's just cooking fish right in front of the HQ
Me: Fisherman guy: *chews on fish in an oh so mysterious way*
Kirsten: XDD
Me: is it really a good idea to be evolving these Digimon with fire attacks RIGHT next to these huge gas tanks?
Kirsten: o.o
Me: amazing. they NEVER hit the gas tanks even though they're right there.
Kirsten: GASP
Me: Masaru: I HATE YOU >E
Kirsten: XD

Episode 4

Me: Masaru's mom is awesome, she's not bothered by Agumon or the fact that Masaru is working for an organization or that Yoshino randomly decided to freeload off of the family. and when she first found Aguman she was like "It must be a monster like Nessie! I need to take a picture. >O"
Me: wtf.
Masaru: *touches keyboard*
Kirsten: XDD
Me: Agumon is like Pikachu. it doesn't like being in its Pokeball Digivice.
Kirsten: XD
Me: "He's attacking the ATM!"

Lalamon: Sing A Song! :O
Me: Gaomon has like no personality :/
Me: if Agumon can't evolve unless Masaru hits the enemy Digimon, what does he have to do to make it evolve to an even higher form? O_o
Kirsten: o.O
Me: woah, Touma...cliffhanger!! D:
Kirsten: DDD:
Me: dude, they're already going to the Digital World? in the 5th episode?!
Kirsten: o.o
Me: I still have no idea where this season is heading in terms of plot o_o;
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