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Re: X-Files, Episode 3

I'm watching a ton of stuff today when I should be unpacking. :D;

Me: O__O what the...
Kirsten: ?
Me: I'm one minute into this episode and I'm already freaked out
Kirsten: :O
Me: HOLY..!!!!
Me: O______O omg....
Me: I want to make a MMV about Father using the X-Files theme
Kirsten: XD

Me: ewwwww
Kirsten: :O?
Me: X-Files D:
Me: "Is there any way I can get this off of my fingers quickly without betraying my cool exterior?"
Me: and I wish they'd just get OUT of the scary place where the mutant serial killer lives instead of just standing there talking
Kirsten: D:
Me: oh my goddd
Me: oh shi now he's FOLLOWING her!!! that's what you get for standing around and talking!!!
Me: ohhh man...
Me: ...okay I need to take a break from this. D:
Kirsten: D:

Me: *watching X-Files again* RUN, SCULLY, RUN!!! D:
Kirsten: DD:
Me: I just screamed
Me: that was embarrasing o.o;;
Kirsten: :O
Me: ohhh man that was so creepy... o__o

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