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Re: The Blind Bandit

I missed the new Avatar episode yesterday because we were too busy driving back home with a car filled with STUFF, but now that I've downloaded it and watched it HERE'S MY REACTION.

OMG TOPH <333333333333 Ahhhhh she is so awesome my new favorite character!!! :D Having her as a new team member is going to be AWESOME because I love watching her and Earthbending used to be my least favorite of the bending arts but now AHHH TOPH! XD And I never had any pairing preferences but now I'm totally Aang/Toph OTP. I like how they actually have chemistry and you hardly see Aang get riled up like that about someone. He's always so sweet and gentle but with Toph he's like "Oh, so you want to fight, huh?! >/" And I love Toph's attitude and ahhhhhhh. <333

Boulder totally cracked me up, and so did Sokka. And Katara threatening those boys. I laughed so much during this episode. XDD

And wtf, where was Haru? O.o Misleading preview?

AHHHH TOPH <333 Air/Earth OTP!!


EDIT: OMG I saw the preview for the next episode. *__*

Zuko's MOM!!! Childhood rivalry with his sister!! He looks so precious as a child!! HIS MOM!!!!

Omg, "Zuko Alone." It's going to be AWESOME oh I can't wait. :DD
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