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Finally, it ends.

Tonight was my History final. 60% of it was this huge essay that we were allowed to write out of class, but I was sitting in front of the computer this morning and wondered what were the chances of me getting it done in time. So instead, I wrote it in class (and was probably the only one to do so) because I'd be able to concentrate better. I sat there for an hour and a half writing a friggin huge essay about the entire 20th century. And...I think I did good? I mean, I tried my best, and that's really all I can do.

I also got my paper back, and I failed it as I thought, but still got a higher grade than I was expecting (haha). It's better than a zero, though. So maybe, if I did as well on the final as I hope, just maybe I have a very slim chance of passing....?

Anyway, all I have left is Anthropology and Literature. Anthropology should be quick and easy, and I'm going to spend all of tomorrow writing the essays for Literature, but right now I'm tired and just want to rest and work on my MMV. T__T

EDIT: Oh, Linkin Park. Your songs are too abused yet I still love them. I forgot how much I liked "In the End."
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