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So today in the mail, I get what looks like a check for $100. It's from the Commonwealth of Virginia/Christopher Newport University, but I just can't figure out what it's for. It says something like a "refund check", but a refund for WHAT? Since when did they owe me $100??? I don't think I should cash it in until I get this cleared up, but I don't know who I should be asking about it...

And also, where did my sweater go? I thought I had it with me when I left my room to go to my first class, but a minute later, it's gone. It doesn't seem like I dropped it because I looked behind me and nothing was there (and it's a black sweater so I would have noticed if it was lying on the ground). And I didn't leave it in my room, so....where did it go??? It couldn't have just disappeared into thin air.

I am terribly confused.

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