Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

Yay I have three papers to write! And finals to study for. The end of the semester has crept up on me faster than I expected.

Good news is that I found sources for Don Quixote, though. Yup.

But anyway, I won't be goofing off on the internet as much for the next two weeks. So this is hiatus-but-not-quite-hiatus. Because I don't expect myself to remain in complete hiatus as long as there is a computer nearby.

But anyway, yesterday was fun. We had the last all-day Anime Marathon of the semester, and the guys in charge abandoned us. >O Usually they bring food and drinks and order a pizza in the evening, but the president only came in for a few minutes and left. And somehow, the marathon turned into a Battle of the Sexes with Amanda, Alex, and I groaning about how the guys love violence so much. They played Beserk, making Amanda and I leave for a bit, and then Amanda wanted to watch Fushigi Yuugi, which made some of the guys leave. XD; (But Alex and I were also making fun of how crappy the music and animation is in Fushigi Yuugi, so I can't really blame them.)

I got some people into Avatar. >D Justin was like "But it's on Nickelodeon DX" but Amanda and I kept saying "But it's GOOD >O" and we finally got to play the first DVD. And they agreed, it was good. XD VICTORY! Ah, I love the marathons when a lot of people actually come, because I can talk loudly without any worries. The best part isn't the anime itself, but the company we watch it with.
Tags: anime, avatar, college, friends

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