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More fandom-related dreams

This time, Fullmetal Alchemist. I dreamt that I was Winry's dad in Ishbal, and the State Alchemists were having a raid on the hospital or something. Things weren't too odd until...until....KIMBLEY STOLE MY BLASTOISE KEYCHAIN!!! T__T STUPID KIMBLEY! He was so mean and psycho!!! GIVE IT BACK! Oh wait, I still have it in my room ahahah.

Anthropology was amusing because people had presentations on things such as prostitution, hip hop, cannibalism, and DDR. The cannibalism one was the best because the guy actually made a video reanacting an infamous German guy who killed and ate someone after they volunteered to be killed and eaten over the internet. Yeah... XD; My presentation is on Thursday and it's going to be on WHY THE BRITISH LOVE TEA SO MUCH. YAY!

But for now, RESEARCH PAPER OMG. o___o

EDIT: Oh btw, the "Riza was trying to kill Roy because she was looking at him through her sniper rifle with her finger on the trigger" theory no longer applies. She was doing the same thing in Chapter 37. :/
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