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I hate how everything in the campus has to close, so I can't do anything productive until like 6 PM. Yes, that's basically how my day has gone so far, despite the fact that I have a research paper and anthropology project to work on. >/

Well....the campus is really beautiful in the spring, though. I was walking around in the early afternoon searching for someplace that wasn't closed and the view was lovely. Eventually I found myself at Harbor Lights to eat brunch because that's the only place to eat that was open. There, unexpectedly, I met up with Alex from Anime Club and sat down with her. We ate, talked about games and anime and stuff. I mentioned my problem with not having internet access until the evening and she invited me up to her room so I could check my email on her computer! YAY SOCIALIZING. +200 POINTS.

So that was cool. She was the one I was trying to get into the FMA manga, but she'd stopped around Volume 8 for various reasons, so I showed Maytree's manga summaries to her. So hopefully she can catch up with that. :DD

Aaand now I shall try to salvage my day with some actual schoolwork!
Tags: college, friends

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