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Much love for Page 12

Me: Riza is an EdWin fangirl omg
Me: "Protect her, okay. :O"
Me: AHAHA I love this page so much
Kirsten: XDDD
Me: Ed's all #o_________o# and the tea dribbling out of his mouth and Hayate being ;_____; *wet* and all three of them "........."
Me: Buraha, victim of EdWin denial.
Kirsten: XDDDD
Me: for some reason I'm amused that Ed continues drinking his tea after all that
Me: like right after he spits out what he was drinking earlier
Kirsten: XDD
Me: Riza looks like a Ditto when she's thinking "Omoshiroi..."
Kirsten: XDDD
Me: I wonder if that's tea dribbling out of his NOSE too XD
Me: yeah, I think it is
Kirsten: XDDDD
Kirsten: Yeah, it's screentoned. XDDD
Me: I might need to update my "Edward Elric is in love denial" colorbar now :DD
Kirsten: XDDD
Me: he loses so many fluids over Winry <3
Kirsten: Ed looks like a frog with the tea dribbling out of his mouth/nose.
Me: ....XDDDD
Me: aw man my translation doesn't hold a candle to the original D:

Thank you, Chapter 58. You are making me feel MUCH better. Ahaha I totally skipped dinner oops.
Tags: fma, manga

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