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Re: Digimon Savers Episode One

I'm wasting time on YouTube waiting for people to sign on whee~

Okay, first let me say that Agumon is ADORABLE. XDD "Aniki!" Ahhhh I want to cuddle him!! I LOVE his partnership with Masaru. I'm going to keep up with this season just because of them.

Otherwise, I'm kinda disappointed that the character designs look different from the previous seasons, and that the OP theme isn't sung by Wada Kouji (though the song is good). I don't like Lalamon's design much either. But just from the first episode, I can tell that the story is different from the previous seasons. Originality is great. :D And the kids are older this time!!

My favorite season is still Digimon Tamers, though. And my least favorite is Frontier. And I just got shivers down my back while rewatching all the previous openings. Ahh, so nostalgic!!

EDIT: Oh yeah, Masaru is badass. BADASS!! XD
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