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Because I'm in a Pokemon mood~

1) What was your first Pokemon game?
English Blue version.

2) Can you remember who your starter was?
I think it was Charmander? Then I restarted it after that and got a Squirtle...

3) Did you ever complete the Pokedex in any games?
NO, and I DON'T REALLY CARE. But I'm reeeaally close with my Blue version. 147/150 HAH!

4) Did you watch the Pokemon anime? Who was your favourite character?
Yep, and umm....I don't think I had a favorite character.

5) Do you still watch the anime?
No, it sucks. D:

6) What's your favourite Pokemon type? Explain.
Um...uh...Fire maybe? I don't have a favorite type.

7) Who's your favourite Pokemon? Explain.
RAICHU!! I feel pretty much "meh" toward Pikachu and Pichu, but RAICHU! It's so CUTE how it's all chubby and orange and has a long tail, and it totally kicks ass too. It's fast, it's powerful... I always like to give it some kind of fighting move, either Lightning Punch or Mega Punch, because look at those paws. 8D I used to RP as a Yellow Raichu named Shocker, and so "Shocker" was my online alias when I was still an internet n00b. RAICHU~ ♥

8) Which Pokemon do you dislike the most? Explain.
Uh...I dislike most of the new ones. :/ They just seem like ripoffs of the old ones.

9) Which is your favourite region? Explain.
Johto! The Gold/Silver/Crystal games are my favorite~

10) Which is your favourite Pokemon series (ie, Kanto 1-151, Johto 152-251, Hoenn 252-358, others)?
Though I love the Johto ones too, I'll have to say Kanto 1-151. OLD SCHOOL ROCKS.

11) Can you say a series Pokedex, without a reference, in order?
I used to be able to recite 1-151 back when I was totally obsessed. :/

12) Do you know all the type advantages, disadvantages and all the super-effective moves for each type?
Most of them~

13) Did you prefer Pokemon before the new ones, or after?

14) Have you got an Original Character who is a trainer?
Hahahaha, MANY. XD More than I can remember, even. All of my Pokemon fanfics featured original characters.

15) Have you ever wrote a fanfiction story about Pokemon?
Oh, several. I started writing fanfiction with Pokemon, and though the first ones totally sucked, my later ones (Secret of the Silver Scizor/The Dungeon) would have been pretty damn good if I ever bothered to finish them. :/

16) Was the OC based on yourself?
My very first one, named Mina, sorta was. I wouldn't really count her as a Mary Sue though, because she had no personality and was boring.

17) Who is your favourite gym leader?
Uh...I dunno. Senri is cool in the Pokemon Special manga.

18) What about Elite Four trainer?
Meh. Lance?

19) If you lived in the Pokemon world, who would your starter be?
Chikorita or Charmander, I can't decide. D:

20) Which city would you live in before you started your journey? Why?
Goldenrod City, because it's like in the middle of everything and has a National Park and you can travel straight to Kanto if you wanted to.

21) Would you travel just in the one region, or spread to other places?
Spread to other places.

22) Would you train just one type, or different ones?
Different ones. I love creating diverse teams with diverse attacks; it's my goal in every game to have every type covered somehow.

23) What kind of Poke-Person would you be? Trainer? Breeder? Gym leader? Other?

24) Would you collect gym badges? Or keep Pokemon as pets?
Gym badges.

25) Who is your ultimate two-on-two team? Explain.
I don't really like two-on-two fighting. :/ Though, I guess a Bayleef/Charizard team would work. I choose these two only because they're part of my Raichu-Bayleef-Charizard-Golduck dream team. XD;

Bayleef (named Sunleaf) would have attacks such as: Razor Leaf, Solar Beam, Light Screen, Synthesis, Sunny Day. (Though, Body Slam, Sweet Scent, and Poison Powder are nice too. Ahhhh I can't choose!) But basically, most its attacks are in a theme focusing on the sun.
Charizard would have attacks such as: Flamethrower, Wing Attack, Iron Tail, Slash, Dragon Rage...basically, a range of attack types. But to boost it's Fire power, Sunleaf would use Sunny Day, which is the main reason I put these two together. THE POWER OF THE SUN and all. Yeah.
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