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summer reading blah blah

Well, Native Son turned out to be a pretty good book. The last third definetly brought it up a couple levels. I felt for Bigger at times, and Max's speech basically explained the main theme of the book (how Buckley dismissed it as "silly Communist ideas" pissed me off ><). I also thought the author was clever in casually mentioning characters like Buckley and Max early in the book so that it felt natural when they turned up later on.
Started The Poisonwood Bible today, and stopped at page 78. So far, I LOVE IT. It's told through the point of view of five people (I guess this wasn't the author's first novel :P), the mother and her four daughters. It looks like the mother's narration serves as bookends while the daughters' are the filling.
The daughters are so fun. They all have different personalities, and I'm really enjoying them.
Leah is 14 years old, athletic, and level-headed. She's daddy's little girl, right down to the devoutly religious part.
Rachel is older, almost 16, vain, materialistic, and her comments are very entertaining. An often repeated line of hers is "Jeez oh man, tell me when it's over!"
Ruth May is 5 years old, naive, and unintentionally hilarious. My fave line of hers: "If somebody was hungry, why would they have a big fat belly? I don't know."
And my favorite of the girls, Adah. She's Leah's twin sister, is disabled, doesn't talk, but has a poetic soul and is quite possibly the smartest of them all. I adore her wit and the way she thinks. And her love of palindromes is so amusing! Gnisuma os si semordnilap fo evol reh dna!
A sample of her commentary: "Oh, I can easily imagine the fetal mishap: we were inside the womb together dum-de-dum when Leah suddenly turned and declared, Adah you are just too slow. I am taking all the nourishment here and going on ahead. She grew strong as I grew weak. (Yes! Jesus loves me!) And so it came to pass, in the Eden of our mother's womb, I was cannibalized by my sister."
Anyway, it feels nice to just be reading and thinking the whole day. I haven't read any actual books the whole summer, so it's quite refreshing (plus it prepares my mind for school). And thought the lack of distractions helps me concentrate, I've begun to slowly starve from my lack of anime; the CD's I've brought with me have grown old and I'm craving for my MP3 player; the only FMA-related things I have in sight are my bag, keychain, and the latest manga volumn. I feel the symptoms of withdrawal.

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