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Okay, so I'm in a bit of a better mood after Anthropology class. It was lecture, but it was FUN. And I wasn't the only one who couldn't get into Fear & Magic and wanted to; a whole group of us gathered around the professor at the end of class asking her for overrides or to teach another class just for us (we can ask that and it's okay because she's awesome). She said she'll think about it over the weekend and email us.

BUT! I just looked and there was ONE SPACE open for Fear and Magic. I GOT IN. I HAVE FOUR CLASSES. I don't think I'm going to drop Culture and Human Population because I want to meet Professor Griffin. So...two Anthropology classes in a semester?? I'm a little excited and in disbelief.

And there's some openings in two English 223 classes, and I'm desperately trying to register, but it keeps coming up in errors for some reason. "CLASS RESTRICTION"? What's that supposed to mean?! It says it has 16 openings WTF!!

Well anyway...I'm going to keep on trying. TWO ANTHROPOLOGY COURSES. FEAR AND MAGIC. YUS. I'm gonna have to email the prof. telling her I got in~ And I didn't want a Facebook before, but I do now. Because she said she stayed up till 2 AM last night on Facebook poking people. I want to be poked. D:

EDIT: Note to self- 6717, 6714, 6713
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