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Deeeeeep breath....

So after some schedule-adjusting, I managed to fit a Culture and Human Population class in. That would work for an Anthropology minor, which is good, though the whole calculating populations thing sounds intimidating. And now I have Public Speaking as a once-a-week class. I told myself I'd never get one of those again, but it was the only way to get Culture and Human Population in, and three classes are better than two. And besides, it's Public Speaking- that shouldn't be too hard for a once-a-week class, right?

....All the classes my Advisor suggested I can't get because I need an English 223 prerequisite. BUT ALL THE 223'S ARE FULL. So basically what I'm going to do all day is sit around in front of the computer constantly checking whether someone drops the class. I need to get some coffee. I need to calm down. And I wish it would be 1:00 already so I can ask my Anthropology prof. about the wait list!!!
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