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I registered for least, I tried. I ended up only getting into TWO of the five I chose. I looked for all the other times for those classes, but they're ALL full. I looked into other classes I might be interested in because I still only have TWO classes but THEY'RE ALL FULL!!!!

So this means that I can't get my Biology requirement done until Spring semester probably. And I couldn't get into Fear and Magic. THat's kinda what's hurting me the most.... I don't know how to get on a waiting list but I'm going to ask my Anthropology professor today.....

CRAP. What other classes am I supposed to take?! I woke up early but this still happens?! I only have Psychology and Public Speaking down....dammit!!!

EDIT: a reply from the History professor and I can't get an appointment until Tuesday after all. I think he's pissed at me.

EDIT: I can't find my Academic Advisor's email and I didn't bring it with me.....maybe I should just go to her office directly. Like right now. I'm kinda afraid to leave the computer but then it's not like there's any classes left ANYWAY.
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