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Re: Mushishi

Well, I finished watching all of it. (Actually I just finished ep.19 because I couldn't help myself and had to watch ep.20 right after ep.12 XD;) I'm kinda more episodes until May. This series has been my main form of stress relief for the past few weeks. Even one episode a day helped. It relaxes me....and the episodes are all self-contained so I can get a complete story in about 20 minutes.

I've become really attached to Ginko. Somehow it's just fun watching him. I dunno, I guess it's because he's laid-back and there could be something crazy going on and he's just like "Oh. Time to get to work." And he has a cynical side which is also fun to watch. He's not perfect, either. He makes mistakes, isn't always sure if what he's doing is right, etc. I find him easy to relate to.

And I like his interactions with the few recurring characters.....I mean, the only recurring character in the series is Adashino-sensei, but there are many recurring characters in his life. There's many instances of him meeting someone, then returning a year later to check up on how they're doing. And well...Japan is a small country, so he can do that. But I like his interactions with the people who actually count as his friends, who see him more than just a traveling Mushishi. Like Adashino-sensei and Tanyuu. And Miharu and Suzu from episode 15.

Episode 15 felt a little different for me, because the characters just welcomed Ginko into their family so easily. Suzu obviously cared about him, and he took a big-brother-type role for a while with Miharu. It was...odd seeing him going about their house like he knew the place. It was odd seeing him stay put in one place period. Like you could sense his relief that he could stay a little longer than usual, like he could finally relax, but then he sees the Mushi gathering and decides he's stayed too long. D:

And then he ends up getting into trouble too. It's always more exciting when the main character himself is in peril, and then he....dude, he slept all the way to SPRING. XD Ginko, you idiot! Actually I think he ended up making the problem worse in that instance, and poor Miharu lost a year of his life. XD But yeah....for most people this episode probably wouldn't seem so special, but I really liked it. Must resist fic bunny of Miharu becoming Ginko's apprentice...MUST.

Anyway, I REALLY recommend this anime. It's amazing. It's creepy. It's beautiful. I want to add it to my list of favorites but I don't know where to put it yet. But just....GOOD STUFF. Here, watch Episode One. (Speaking of which, I still haven't been able to see the second half of ep.2...and I hear I'm missing some cool/disturbing scenes. The episode just keeps cutting off, and thanks to that I didn't find out Ginko was missing an eye until episode TWELVE. D: Is it me or is the YouTube file just like that...? Someone please check for me?)
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