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Guess what Rachel just said a second ago? "Let's go on the magic carpet!" XD

My mom kicked me out of the house. I'm at my dad's house now, reading Native Son nearly nonstop, to my disgust. Hopefully I should be finished sometime tomorrow.
I was anticipating this. My mom just got sick of my nocturnal habits. The same thing happened at about the same time last year. Maybe she'll stop being so bitchy after a few days alone.
Something interesting my grandma told me: it seems my uncle and cousins don't approve of Harry Potter, Pokemon, and Lord of the Rings. I mean, I knew they were religious, but this much? Come on, there's nothing harmful in there. Those kids are missing out on some great storytelling. And what's ironic is that on the Chronicles of Narnia box set they got me, C.S.Lewis and Tolkien are being compared.
Also, this would mean that they probably wouldn't approve of any of the stuff I'm writing. Jeez, my only family member interested in writing, and he has to be a missionary. ><
The 2nd Wolf's Rain DVD came out today. Unfortunately, I'm broke. I'll need to find some way of making money soon while Best Buy has it cheap. Man...I need a job. I just recently found out Suncoast was back in Potomac Mills, and that nearly half of it has turned completely anime. I could work there, since I know a lot about the merchandise, but first I'll need a car, and a driver's license. And I'll need to learn to drive. ARGH.

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