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Me: *sigh*...I'm bored. I think I'll have something chaotic happen to Ed and Al just because.
Kirsten: XDDDD

Me: now to think of a reason why he's so freaked out :D
Kirsten: ...XDDDD You don't even KNOW??
Me: something to do with the Unown XD
Me: sometimes it feels weird not having any angsty icons for the Elric brothers...
Kirsten: XDD

Me: yeah, I think basically the Unown saw that the brothers missed Trisha, so they thought they'd be nice and made a fake!Trisha, but obviously that didn't go so well so they're playing innocent now. :D
Kirsten: XDDD
Me: so now Al is traumatized and Ed is scared! WHEE FUN!

Three hours until the new Avatar. :/

EDIT: Could someone help me come up with nicknames for a Bulbasaur? D:

EDIT 2: Since Mei Lanfang, the grand master of Peking opera, visited Japan in 1919, Peking opera has become more and more popular with people all over the world, and it has made an excellent contribution to cultural exchange between China and the West, to friendly association and to improvement of solidarity.

.....WHAT. O_O
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