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The fire alarm went off at around 9 AM this morning. Standing outside in my pajamas wasn't very pleasant. I think everyone was more annoyed about this one than the one at 2 AM because most people were actually asleep this time. XD;

That isn't what's awesome, though. I called mom today and we got to talking about the movie Seven Samurai because she saw me mention it in my other post. And I found out that my grandfather knew Akira Kurosawa and went to his house many times for work and drank coffee with him. o_o And that my family still has some of Kurosawa's poetry. And that my uncle went with my grandfather to his house sometimes. (But he didn't bring my mom because she was a girl. That's so sad. D:) But grandfather knew the most famous director in Japan. AWESOME.

Oh, and she told me the package with Vol. 13 and the artbook were shipped. :DD THEY WILL SOON BE MINE MWAHAHA.

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